Google antitrust lawsuit: Apple and GroupM call for strict data protection

Google antitrust lawsuit: Apple and GroupM call for strict data protection

Apple, the advertising giant GroupM and others asked the judge who heard the United States Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Alphabet’s Google on Friday to allow them to designate certain data used by the government as “highly confidential”, to ensure that no one from Google could see them. .

The United States Department of Justice, which sued the search and advertising giant in October, he put at the center of his antitrust case the billions of dollars Google paid to be the default search engine on Apple iPhones, and Apple He noted in his presentation that sensitive data was used to draft the complaint.

The United States government is accusing Google of illegally using their market power to thwart rivals in a lawsuit that is the biggest challenge to the power and influence of big tech in decades.

Google had offered to ensure that any confidential information was available only to two in-house attorneys at Google’s outside attorney’s offices or otherwise secure, adding that it would immediately report any disclosures.

Like Apple, companies that include AT&T, Microsoft and who helped the government asked Judge Amit Mehta of the US District Court for the District of Columbia to create a level of data considered “highly confidential” and to prohibit any Google employee from accessing it. GroupM also requested that the information be “disclosed only in the eyes of outside attorneys.”

Apple said it had already given the government data about its relationship with Google and expected them to ask for more, potentially including the terms of deals Apple struck with other search engines and Apple’s internal deliberations on negotiating the deals.

Microsoft, Amazon and others said in a joint filing that if Google had access to some confidential documents, it would gain influence with the companies in any future negotiations.


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