Google Assistant, Fi Expand Family Oriented Features

Google Assistant, Fi Expand Family Oriented Features

Google Assistant and Google Fi are getting a host of new family-oriented features. With the newly introduced Family Notes feature, users can create digital sticky notes to centralize tasks and to-dos. The Family Bell feature will also receive new sound effects and suggested bells on smart speakers and displays. The new Google Assistant feature will also allow you to receive updates on the whereabouts of your family members. Google Fi will also roll out new features over the next week, like setting data budgets and easy Family Link setup.

The tech giant Announced the new functions for Google Assistant and Google Fi via a blog post, saying her goal was to help families stay connected and create healthy tech habits.

Users 13 and older can get updates on their family’s whereabouts with the help of google maps and the location-based service Life360. Can be used on Google Assistant-enabled devices such as Android and ios smart phones, speakers and smart displays. Children under the age of 13 can also have a personalized experience with the Assistant when they log into their account through Family bond.

With Family notes, you can create digital sticky notes using commands like “Ok Google, leave a familiar note that says we’ve run out of toothpaste.” When you create a family memo on a smart screen at home, the memo will be visible on all smart screens in the same home for 24 hours. After that, it will appear on your My Day page on your smart screen. You can leave notes for roommates, family, guests, or anyone at home. Later this year, a new ‘Family’ tab will be rolled out on smart displays that will help families quickly access different tools in one central place.

Google brings a new category of interactive stories on smart screens and phones. The Google Assistant command “Ok Google, tell me a story” can provide users with interactive stories that they can browse through. You can also use specific commands to test new learning activities on the Smart Display.

Google said that in the coming weeks it will add capacity in Family bell to pause bells for a single day too.

Meanwhile, Google Fi will also receive new features in the coming week. You can block strangers from calling and texting your child if you only allow saved and recent contacts to contact them. You will also be able to manage data usage through a data budget and access Family Link which can be used to set digital ground rules such as content filters and limited screen time.


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