Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Launches as a Dedicated App on Android

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Launches as a Dedicated App on Android

The interpreter mode of the Google Assistant is now available as a dedicated app on Android. The translation tool has been available on the Google Assistant for about a year, but Google has now released a separate app for it that will act as a shortcut tool. The application will allow users to translate spoken and written sentences in real time, in 30 languages. The Google Assistant Interpreter Mode app is currently in the early access stage and therefore may not be available to everyone yet.

The description of the Google Assistant – Interpreter Mode The Google Play app says that you will now be able to “Access Google Assistant Interpreter Mode with One Click”

On the left side of the screen in Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode, your default language is automatically selected as “You speak.” On the right side, choose a language you want to translate to. By clicking Confirm, you will be prompted to use the interpreter mode.

There are three modes available in the app by Google, as was the case in the previous version. Automatic mode automatically translates both ends of the conversation, the manual allows you to select one microphone at a time to translate, and the keyboard allows you to type in any of your chosen languages ​​before the assistant translates it.

Like before, Google Assistant It also gives you Smart Answers that include suggested translations as an answer that you can access without having to speak.

Although there are more than 70 language options available, some languages ​​cannot be translated by “speaking”. When selecting that language, a box appears informing users that the Assistant cannot yet speak this language. Suggest to try keyboard mode and automatically redirect there, where it is possible to receive written translations. You need to update to the latest version of the Google app from Google Play to use the interpreter mode of the Google Assistant.


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