Google Call may be the new name for the Google app phone

Google Call may be the new name for the Google app phone

Google Call appears to be the new name for Google’s calling app and has appeared via a YouTube ad, although it cannot be downloaded at this time. This joins the list of many Google applications that are being completely revamped, sometimes to the dismay of users. The app gets a new logo with the four Google colors and the Caller ID feature so users know who is on the other end, if the phone number is not stored in contacts. The caller ID feature is already present in the Phone by Google app that is available on the Play Store, suggesting that Google Call will be a rebrand of the app.

First stained By a Reddit user with the username u / DominusLux, the YouTube ad shows a calling app with the name Google Call at the top and an icon with all four Google colors. It also shows the caller ID functionality that is currently present in the Phone by Google application available on the Play store. The ad reportedly came with a link to install the Phone by Google app, but a report from 9to5Google suggests this could be part of Google Workspace’s big rebrand.

Google has been adding a number of new functions to their phone app, including verified calls for business users, which will allow businesses to not only get a verified tag, but also inform users about the purpose of the call to increase the likelihood that a call will be answered.

In October, Google Announced will rename your G Suite to Workspace with new icons for Drive, Gmail, Meet, Docs, Chat, Calendar, and Keep. All of these icons have the same four colors and follow a similar design pattern. The new Phone by Google icon, if it turns out to be a rebrand, will match the new Workspace icons.

So far, Google hasn’t shared any details about the rebrand or if it plans to do so.

Google Workspace brings together tools like chat, email, voice and video calls in one unified place. Google also added new features like the ability to create and collaborate on a document within a room, being able to see people in a meeting when you’re collaborating with Google Meet picture-in-picture, and more.


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