Google Chrome extension recovers old G Suite icons

Google Chrome extension recovers old G Suite icons

A new Google Chrome extension can convert the new Google Workspace icons to your previous versions of G Suite. Google has been adding new icons to all of its productivity apps as it renames itself from G Suite to Google Workspace. Gmail, Drive, Maps, Home, Calendar, and Meet – All iconic logos have succumbed to a new look and confusingly similar color scheme. It’s Google’s vision of homogenizing everything in a single mother app. But if you are not a fan of its changes, there is a way to get the old icons back. A new Google Chrome extension can do the trick, more or less. It won’t change the icons on the app pages, but differentiating the Gmail tab from the Docs tab in the Chrome browser definitely gets easier.

the new extension called ‘Restore Old Google Icons’, developed by product designer Claudio Postinghel, was released on November 2. But its first version is far from perfect. The green Google Sheets icon, or instance, turns into a blue Google Notes icon. The yellow Goole Slides icon also has the same fate.

Postinghel, on the Chrome web store support page, said that he is working on a new version to fix the two icons. To another user who asked if the extension is available in other browsers, he said that the extension will be rolled out for Mozilla Firefox soon, followed by support for Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge. But brand change of applications with new icons is not the only Google has been playing with. The company has also announced that it will soon remove all of its Chrome apps accessible through the Chrome web store.

The migration has started and the Google Keep Chrome app is the last to fall. Google said it will end support for the application in February next year. Notice of your migration from a single app to a web-based (hosted) app is on the Google Keep app home page. Offline access to notes will continue to be available in the Google Keep mobile app, it will no longer be available in the desktop app. Next year’s migration will also end Keep’s lock screen integration.

Google plans to do this for all Chrome apps soon. The decision to repackage all of your Chrome apps into hosted apps was Announced in 2016. In other news about Google’s productivity apps readjustment, Google also transition your Hangouts users to Google Chat in the new Google Workspace.


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