Google Chrome gets major performance improvements with the latest update

Google Chrome gets major performance improvements with the latest update

Google Chrome received its final update for 2020 and it brings performance improvements that allow you to start faster, load pages faster, and offer more battery life. The development was shared via an official blog post from Chrome Product Manager Matt Waddell. Thanks to several internal enhancements, this update delivers the “biggest Chrome performance gain in years.” Also, Google started rolling out a native M1 version of Chrome for new MacBook models, but had to pause it for a day.

The official blog post by Waddell states the latest major update for Chrome provides significant performance improvements that make the browser start up faster, load pages faster, and use less battery power. Active tabs in Chrome now take precedence, compared to all other tabs. This helps reduce CPU usage by up to five times, improving battery life by approximately 1.25 hours. Google It did not share details of the device they evaluated for these results.

The browser launches up to 25 percent faster than the previous version and loads pages up to seven percent faster. Google says Chrome now uses less power and RAM, marking a welcome change for the web browser that is famous for using large amounts of RAM. On Android, Chrome now loads pages almost instantly when going back or forward.

Google Chrome also has a tab search feature that allows you to type in a keyword and locate the tab you are looking for. The search button is placed right next to the minimize option in Windows and displays a list of open tabs along with a search bar. This search feature works across multiple Chrome windows. The 2020 update also brings Chrome Actions that allow you to perform some actions directly from the address bar. For example, if you type “delete history” in the address bar, you will have the option to “Clear browsing history” right there. This feature is initially available only on the desktop.

Along with all these improvements, the blog also indicates that cards will be added to Chrome in the future that will allow you to return to recently visited and related content on the web. The cards will be present on the new tab page in Chrome.

At the time of writing this article, we noticed an update notification in Chrome, but we couldn’t detect the tab search button after updating to the latest version 87.0.4280.66. Gadgets 360 has reached out to Google for clarity. This report will be updated when we hear from you.

Additionally, Google began rolling out a new native version of Chrome to From Apple MacBook and Mac mini models with M1 technology. However, there were some issues due to which the launch had to be stopped. Mark Chang, Chrome Product Manager, tweeted that the team had a problem and had to pause the launch until tomorrow, November 19. For users who already downloaded the M1 version of Chrome, Chang shared a alternate solution for the unexpected shock. The normal version of Chrome seems to work fine on Apple devices with M1 technology.


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