Google creates an application that allows banks to remotely lock the phone of non-payment

Google creates an application that allows banks to remotely lock the phone of non-payment

Google’s Device Lock Controller app has been quietly developed by the search giant. It allows banks and credit providers to remotely lock your device if you don’t make payments. The Device Lock Controller app uses the Android DeviceAdminService API to remotely restrict access to the device in the event of a default payment. It is already on Google Play, although users cannot download it on their own. The app also retains access to basic functionality, including emergency calls and access to settings, even when the device is restricted.

‚ÄúDevice Lock Controller enables device management for credit providers. Your provider can remotely restrict access to your device if you don’t make payments. ” read the description of the application.

A Google spokesman confirmed to XDA Developers that the new app had been launched in partnership with a Kenyan network operator, Safaricom. At the end of July, the operator launched a financial plan called “Lipa Mdogo Mdogo” (Bitwise Payment) to offer Android (Go edition) smartphones in installments. That plan included a clause under which the operator will “lock the device” after non-payment for four days.

Google appears to have enabled Safaricom to lock defaulters’ phones using the Device Lock Controller app. However, it is not clear if the application could be expanded to other credit providers and in other markets in the future.

Google clarified to XDA developers that the Device Lock Controller app should not be listed on Google play for general users. However, the app’s Google Play listing was still accessible at the time of presenting this story. But nevertheless, you cannot find it in the Play store available on your smartphone or tablet.


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