Google Doc Tips and Tricks: How to make someone else the owner of your document

Whenever you create or upload a document to Google Drive, Google, by default, makes you the sole owner and publisher of the document. Therefore, if you want to transfer ownership of your document to someone else to make it easier for them to edit or share it, you can modify the settings. But once you do, you won’t be able to transfer ownership to yourself and the new owner can remove it and change access.

Here’s everything you need to know before making someone else the editor of your Google Doc.

Functions in Google Doc

The owner of a Google Document You can edit, share, delete, remove access for editors and readers and even invite others to edit or view it, while the editor of a Google document can only edit and view the list of editors and readers. They can remove and invite people if the owner allows them to do so.

The reader of a Google document can only read it, and similarly, the commenter has the right to add only comments.

Change the owner of a Google document

You cannot change the owner of Google Docs on your Android or iPhone device, so you will have to open it on your laptop or PC.

  1. Open the Google Docs home screen and go to that particular document you want to transfer ownership of.
  2. Now, click on the Share button at the top right of the screen and enter the name or email ID of the person you want to share the document with.
  3. Then click Share. But if you’ve already shared the document, skip this step.
  4. Now to change the owner, go back to the Share at the top and click the Arrow down available next to the person’s name.
  5. Click Do Owner > Yes and then Done.

Now that person will become the owner of the document and will no longer have the option to change the settings.

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