Google Doodle for Halloween Brings Popular Game ‘Magic Cat Academy’

Google Doodle for Halloween Brings Popular Game ‘Magic Cat Academy’

Celebrating Halloween virtually, Google has brought the iconic Doodle game “Magic Cat Academy” back to its home page. Originally released in 2016, the game features a cat named Momo who is on a mission to “rescue his school of magic” from “mischievous spirits.” In addition to the Doodle game, Google has brought Halloween characters in augmented reality (AR). The Google Assistant in the US is also getting a spooky-themed puzzle room to make this Halloween fun for people as they stay indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

With the Magic Academy Doodle game, you can fight with the spirits in the virtual world of Momo. The game comes in four different levels and is available to access through the Google home page for the next 48 hours in regions such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, among other places where Hallowe’en it is widely celebrated.

You can use your finger on a touch screen device or the mouse cursor on your laptop or desktop to draw symbols and defeat ghosts. The more you can kill the ghosts in the game, the more success you will get. However, with each successive level, you will get more specters, including a vampire squid and a monkfish.

To bring some distinction over the 2016 version, the Magic Cat Academy sequel comes with an underwater theme. However, Momo looks the same as before. However, you must “reach new depths in your adventure against Big Boss’s ghost and his school of demons.”

Google has access provided to Magic Cat Academy via its dedicated Doodles website so that it can be played in regions where people are largely not in the mood for Halloween.

You can also touch the Original version of the Doodle Magic Cat Academy game from the Doodles website. That game also notably returned as Google Doodle in May to help people limit their boredom while staying home.

Along with the Magic Cat Academy game, Google has brought AR Halloween characters on the Google application and your mobile site. You can refer to them by searching for terms like Halloween, Jack-o-lantern, human skeleton, cat, dog, and German Shepherd.

Google has added new AR Halloween characters to its app and mobile site

Google Assistant It has also hosted a spooky themed puzzle room adventure for people in the United States. You can experiment by saying, “Ok Google, tell me a riddle.” You can also ask, “Hey Google, sing the Halloween song,” to hear the Google Assistant help a werewolf, ghost, and vampire prepare their haunting abilities for Halloween. The song is available in Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, English worldwide, and Portuguese in Brazil.

Also, you can play Halloween sounds in your house or on your Wizard-enabled audible devices by saying, “Ok Google, frequent my house.” The Google Assistant also helps you add a Halloween flair to your room by flashing purple, green and orange through your smart lights once you ask, “Ok Google, what should it be for Halloween?”

Google Nest Hello is also adding spooky ringtones that are Black Cat and Werewolf, along with last year’s ghost, vampire, monster, and witch. These will be available globally until November 1.


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