Google Introduces Data Saving Features for Android TV Users in India

Google Introduces Data Saving Features for Android TV Users in India

Google has introduced new features for Android TV users in India to help them save data. The tech giant says these features have been designed with Indian users in mind, who have been using smart TV features by connecting their Android TV via a mobile hotspot. Connecting an HDTV with mobile data will quickly run out of daily data limits, and Google has tried to fix this with four new features introduced especially for Android TVs. These include Data Saver, Data Alerts, Access Point Guide, and Stream Files.

in a blog post, Google says these features help Indian users get the most out of their smart TVs even when using limited mobile data. The data saver feature, as the name suggests, reduces data usage on mobile hotspot connections. By reducing data usage, viewing time within the same limit could be increased by 3 times, Google said. This feature can be activated in Settings every time a user switches to the mobile hotspot to view content on TV.

There is also a new data alert feature that keeps you informed about your data usage while watching TV. These alerts will appear at the bottom of your screen, each time you use a specific amount of data. Users can select when they want to see these alerts. There are options to receive alerts when using 100MB, 500MB, and 1GB data, or users can also disable alerts. The tech giant has also unveiled a new Access Point Guide to help users easily configure their TVs with a mobile access point.

Google says new features will be rolled out Android TV devices in India for the next several weeks. The first TVs to get this support include those made by Xiaomi, TCL, and MarQ by Flipkart. A global implementation of the same functions will begin later.

Google also added support for Cast in Files, allowing users to view downloaded media from their phone to their TV without using data. This feature is available to Android TV users through the beta program and will be rolled out in the coming weeks.


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