Google is bringing Stadia to iOS, but as a browser web app

Google is bringing Stadia to iOS, but as a browser web app

Google has announced that its Stadia cloud gaming service is finally coming to iOS, and its public testing will begin rolling out in the coming weeks. However, instead of bringing a standalone app, as anticipated, the search giant has decided to bring Stadia to iOS as a web app. The new move comes more than a year after Google Stadia hit Google Play for Android devices. The service has just completed its year since the official launch that took place on November 19, 2019.

How reported by The Verge, the Stadiums It will be available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can be run through any web browser. Google further tweeted the first phase of ios Support is coming to Stadia. Opting for the web app route also means that it may not offer an experience in line with what it has been so far.

However, Google decided to go with the web app months later. Apple refused to allow the launch of a native Stadia app. The Cupertino company in August explained that didn’t allow services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud due to restrictions in the App store for streaming games. Too removed a browser app called Stadium in October that allowed users to run Google Stadia on iOS devices.

Apple reviewed your App Store guidelines after facing criticism from Microsoft and other developers for their strict rules. However, the App Store still requires the submission of individual games rather than a single service to provide access to multiple games. Therefore, it forces companies like Google and Microsoft to offer their gaming services in the cloud as a web application.

In October, Microsoft showed interest in building a web version of its xCloud service for iOS users that would arrive next year. Nvidia also recently announced its plans to launch a trial version from your cloud-based gaming service GeForce NOW to Apple iPhone and iPad devices that would work similar to the iOS version of xCloud and Stadia.

In addition to announcing plans to bring Stadia to iOS, Google revealed its plans to support more than 135 titles to its service by the end of the year. The company also stated that it has released more than 80 games since the launch of Stadia. It also brought over 100 new features to enhance the gaming experience on the competing service. Amazon Moon, Microsoft’s XCloud, Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, and Sony PlayStation Now.

Google also mentioned that there are more than 50 Stadia Pro games on board since the launch of their service. To attract new players, the company has also launched an agreement that is active until December 18 under which it offers a free Stadia Premium Edition along with a Google Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller for pre order Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red for Stadia.


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