Google Maps Expands Regional COVID-19 Details As Cases Rise

Google Maps Expands Regional COVID-19 Details As Cases Rise

Google Maps is now adding new features related to COVID-19 to help users make an informed decision before leaving for the holidays. These characteristics come at a time when cases are on the rise again and fears of further spread increase during winters and the Christmas season. Google Maps seeks to offer more information from official COVID-19 resources. It will show you information that includes all cases detected in an area, the last seven-day average trend, and the number of deaths there, to give you a clear picture of the situation before heading to that area. In addition, Google Maps will also offer live information on crowding in public transport.

Google announced in a Blog which is rolling out two new features that seek to bring you more information that will inevitably help you during the COVID-19 crisis. The former includes the ability to view more COVID-19 information about a region, including all-time detected cases, quick links to COVID resources from local authorities, the seven-day trend there (increasing or decreasing), and the total number of deaths. Google says this additional information will be “especially helpful if you are heading out of town and need to catch up on local guidelines, test sites and restrictions in another city.”

Apart of this, google maps It will also endeavor to provide you live information on public transportation overcrowding to keep you informed. Cautious users who want to keep their distance may want to avoid crowded buses, and Google Maps will now start to show how crowded their bus, train, or subway line is at the moment, based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users. all over the world. Both functions are being implemented to Android and ios.

In addition to these features, users can also view the live status of takeout and home orders. This feature will allow you to see the expected arrival of food or when to go out to collect it. This feature will also provide information such as expected wait times and delivery rates and will also allow you to reorder your favorite items from within the Google Maps application itself. This feature is rolling out to Android and iOS for users in India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the US.

Also, a preview of Google Assistant The driving model in Maps is rolling out for Android users in the US Basically this feature seeks to reduce the need to look down at your phone while driving. The new easy-to-drive Assistant interface lets you use your voice to send and receive calls and text messages, quickly check new messages in your messaging apps in one place, and get a reading of your text messages. The assistant will even alert you to an incoming call so you can answer or reject with voice commands.


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