Google Maps gets ‘Travel Services’ menu entry: Report

Google Maps gets ‘Travel Services’ menu entry: Report

The latest beta version of Google Maps introduces a new menu entry called ‘Travel Services’ in the app’s settings, according to a report. These settings will help you get more accurate rates when sending route information from Maps to the rideshare company. Uber appears to be the only supported partner in this transportation service environment, but this may differ by region and as the app develops further. The latest beta version brings the application to version 10.56.0.

The new Ride Services menu entry in google maps I was first reported by Android Police. The feature, available in the 10.56.0 beta version of the app, may still be in development stages, as the report mentions that there were no differences in prices when comparing carpool results before and after activating the option. The price range was still wide and unspecific.

Citing insiders, the report noted that the latest beta version of Google Maps has also added building numbers and crosswalk markings for them. This could be part of a server-side change available for limited cities that could be implemented in older versions of Maps, for some. Screenshots of the report show that you can detect building numbers and crosswalk markings by zooming in on the streets of cities like New York.

To become a beta tester for Google Maps, you can join here.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has inserted A new community feed on the Explore tab of the app that brings the latest reviews, photos, and posts from nearby events and places, provided by people and businesses you follow The community feed is intended to make it easy to discover things to do and places to visit in a particular area. It takes into account your interests and offers you content adapted to it. The new feature is being rolled out globally to Android and ios devices.


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