Google Messages Now allows you to sort SMS messages into categories

Google Messages Now allows you to sort SMS messages into categories

Google Messages has started to implement a feature that allows users to classify messages into different categories, according to a report. The tech giant was seen testing this feature just over a month ago, and now more users are reporting having the feature. The messages will be classified into the following categories: personal, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords), offers and more. The feature, once implemented, can be enabled or disabled via a switch in the settings menu of the Google Messages app.

Android Police reports that the function has started to be implemented for SMS messages in Google Messages. A bar is displayed at the top of the message list, showing the available categories into which you can segregate your messages.

You will be able to change the category once assigned, according to the report. You can also share the category change update and message with Google, so the feature can improve your categorization.

Category feature in Google Messages has started to appear for some users
Photo Credit: Twitter / Abdulla Niyaz

The category labels in Google Messages doesn’t seem to be working yet. A Twitter user said that changing the category didn’t change the message list either. However, as the categories have started to appear for more people now, Google is likely to have a broader rollout of them in the coming weeks.

Once implemented, the characteristic it will help users to reduce clutter in their inboxes and it will also help them find specific messages quickly through categories. You can update your Google Messages app from Google play to see if the categories feature has already been implemented.


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