Google Messages Starts Implementing Text Scheduling Feature – Report

Google Messages Starts Implementing Text Scheduling Feature – Report

The latest feature of Google Messages will reportedly allow users to schedule their messages. The feature has started rolling out for some users, and according to a report, the latest Google Messages APK also includes code for this feature. After writing a message, users can choose the time and date they would like the text sent to them. Users can choose to select one of the predefined schedule times or select a custom date and time. It should be noted that the scheduled messages feature has not yet been implemented for all users.

Twitter user Sai Reddy (@besaireddy) shared screenshots of the new feature on the microblogging site. To schedule messages in Google, users need to hold down the key Send button after composing the message. This will open the option for new programming messages. There appear to be three default times that users can choose: “Later today, 6:00 PM”, “Later tonight, 9:00 PM” Or “Tomorrow, 8:00 AM.” However, this appears to be available only to select users and has not been widely implemented yet.

If you don’t want to schedule your messages at the preset time, or want to choose another day, you can do so by selecting and customizing the date and time. After this press Save to set the schedule Google Messages. If you want to change the message or the scheduled time to send it, you can click on the message. A pop-up menu will give you the option to update the message, send it now, or delete it entirely.

The feature has not yet been rolled out for all users and it still appears to be in its testing phase. Google may roll it out for more users in the coming weeks, especially since the latest Google Messages APK contains code for this feature, such as stained by XDA Developers.

Recently, Google Messages also unfolded a feature for some users that allows them to classify messages into different categories. Categories include personal, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords), offers, and more. Users can choose to enable or disable the feature once it has been implemented.


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