Google, Microsoft improves dark mode in Chrome browser

Google, Microsoft improves dark mode in Chrome browser

Google and Microsoft are working to bring some improvements to dark mode in Chrome. This occurs a few months after Google first introduced dark mode to its Chrome browser. Enhanced dark mode is expected to be part of Chrome for Windows 10 and macOS in the future. In the meantime, it is already being tested through the latest version of Chrome Canary. Google released Chrome 87 last week as the latest stable version of its web browser. It offered a Chrome Actions feature to allow users to type commands in the address bar.

How reported by the Windows blog, Windows Latest, has been confirmed Google Chromium Gerrit engineers who details the improvements coming to Chrome’s dark mode. The search giant is updating the WebUI to provide a full dark mode experience, with scroll bars grayed out depending on the commitment.

Upcoming enhancements will allow Chrome to apply a dark theme to additional elements, including scroll bars. Scroll bars currently show no change when you switch from light to dark mode.

Google Chrome is bringing dark mode support to scroll bars through new enhancements
Photo credit: Windows Latest

In addition to scroll bars, Google is updating Chrome’s internal pages to provide expanded support for dark mode. These changes will reportedly be visible in the settings, bookmarks, history page, new tab page, and PDF print screen.

The update is now available for testing through the Chrome Canary channel. It can be tested by adding “–Enable-features = WebUIDarkMode, CSSColorSchemeUARendering –force-dark-mode” to the command line.

However, regular users may have to wait some time to see the latest change to their systems. The updated dark mode is likely to be part of Chrome 88 next year.

Apart from input from Google engineers, Microsoft is making certain changes at the end to specifically bring dark mode improvements to Chrome for Windows 10 devices. The Redmond company has, for example, already solved a problem where scroll bars on the page were not dynamically changing the color scheme when switching to dark theme.

It is also speculated that Google will bring an update to its search engine to switch to dark mode when a dark theme is applied at the system level. Similarly, Chrome may receive some scrolling enhancements next year, through updates coming to Microsoft’s Chromium project.

Chrome received the existing dark mode for Mac OS users in March 2019, although reached the Windows platform in April. Google last year too brought a dark mode for him Android version of your Chrome browser.


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