Google Pixel 5 becomes a wireless charging pad when connected to power

Google Pixel 5 becomes a wireless charging pad when connected to power

Google Pixel 5 has a cool new charging feature that was just spotted. In addition to being a spectacular camera phone, Google announced the Pixel 5 as an on-the-go power bank with its reverse wireless power sharing feature. But unlike many other phones that support wireless power sharing, it was recently discovered that the Pixel 5 can automatically turn into a Qi wireless charging pad when connected to a USB Type-C power adapter.

The details of the function [spotted] by 9to5Google are in a Support page created by Google. the Google Pixel 5 offers regular reverse wireless power exchange when it comes in contact with another phone or accessory, such as the Pixel 4 or Pixel, that supports the functionality; but you have to enable this function manually by entering Settings> Battery> Battery sharing or by adding a toggle switch in the quick drop-down menu.

In contrast, when plugged into a power source and charged, the Pixel 5 automatically enables the power-swapping feature for a short period to detect and charge any Qi-compatible device placed on its back. If no compatible device is detected within 30 seconds, the function turns off automatically. The Google Pixel 5 also disables the function on its own when the receiving device is fully charged, but also if the power transmission is not optimal because the receiving device is not positioned correctly on the Pixel 5, or if the receiving device reaches a level high temperature. A user can also manually disable the feature from settings or set a minimum battery level for the Pixel 5, after which the feature will turn off.

A recent teardown of the Google Pixel 5 had revealed how the phone is able to withstand reverse wireless power exchange despite its aluminum body. It reportedly has a cutout right in the middle of its aluminum casing that allows the wireless charging coil to work without any hindrance.

The Google Pixel 5 launched on September 30 along with a 5G version of the Pixel 4a. But both the Pixel 5 and the 4a 5G are limited to 5G markets and they are not likely to arrive in India or Singapore anytime soon.


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