Google Pixel 5 teardown shows how the phone supports wireless charging

Google Pixel 5 teardown shows how the phone supports wireless charging

Google Pixel 5 video teardown shows how the smartphone supports wireless charging despite the aluminum body. A phone teardown video by PBKreviews showed that there is a large cutout right in the middle of the aluminum casing, so the magnetic charge can work. Aside from this, the teardown also revealed details such as the location of the NFC chip, below the display speaker, and a look at how the display is attached to the unibody design.

The Just Black variant of Google Pixel 5 was disassembled in the video Uploaded to YouTube by PBKreviews.

The phone uses five clips to secure the screen to the monoblock. Like 9to5Google explainedEven if the glue failed, inward pressure would have to be applied at different points before the screen falls off, making it safer

The video shows that the battery and the rear cameras are covered by a graphite film. This will help prevent overheating, but it also showed that there are no visible tabs, which would make it easier to remove the power cell.

Some early buyers of the Google Pixel 5 reported on a small space between the screen and the phone frame. The space is small but visible and could let dust particles in and hamper the water and dust resistance of the IP68 rated phone. The smartphone of Google It only recently went on sale, but the screen gap issue is reported in the Just Black color variant of the phone, as well as the Sorta Sage color option.

Some Google Pixel 5 users too reported problems placing their phones on the Pixel Stand. When the phone is placed on the Pixel Stand for charging, the screen wakes up to full brightness at some point in the night, even when the ‘screen off when it’s dark’ feature is enabled. For some users, this problem is persistent and occurs hourly.


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