Google Pixel 5 users report a system volume issue

Google Pixel 5 users report a system volume issue

Google Pixel 5 has a system volume issue where the notification tones become uncomfortably loud, according to some users. The problem also affects volume levels when playing videos on Pixel 5. Google has yet to officially acknowledge the problem. Therefore, it is not clear if it could be fixed by a software update or if the problem is due to a hardware restriction. Several Pixel 5 users have complained about the volume problem on the web.

According to him, user reports On Google’s Pixel Phone Community Forums, the system volume issue affects users in two different ways. First of all, you are turning down the volume levels randomly when playing videos on the Google Pixel 5. Second, it is increasing system sounds, such as dial tones and screenshot alerts, among others.

The problem was initially reported by some Google Pixel 5 users in late October. However, some users also She complained about the same issue on Reddit earlier this month.

One affected user pointed out that even factory resetting the phone doesn’t solve the problem. Abnormal audio levels also remain in place after adjusting with the volume slider. However, some users have mentioned that the volume of system sounds becomes normal after enabling vibrate or silent mode.

A Google representative tried to board user concerns on their Pixel Phone Community forums, but with a vague statement, like reported by Android Central.

“With each new Pixel phone, we work to improve volumes and make sure customers don’t miss important phone calls and notifications. On Pixel, the ringtone and notification settings are linked, so these volume changes affect both settings. Thank you for your feedback on these settings and we will work to make improvements in future Pixel 5 updates, ”the representative wrote.

However, Google has yet to provide any clarity on whether a software solution could be provided to solve the problem.

The system volume issue isn’t the only Pixel 5 issue that debuted earlier last month as Google’s new flagship phone. Shortly after its launch, the phone was found to have a gap between your screen and the frame by some users. Google recognized that problem and called it a “Normal part of the design” that would not affect the water and dust resistance of the phone. Some users also reported problems when placing the Pixel 5 on Pixel Stand. Google has yet to comment on those issues.


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