Google Press for faster publication of documents in a US antitrust lawsuit.

Google Press for faster publication of documents in a US antitrust lawsuit.

An attorney representing Alphabet’s Google in the search and advertising giant’s legal fight with the government on Wednesday pushed for the release of the documents used to draft the complaint against the company.

“We need to have access to that material. We need to know more about the contours of that material,” he said. Google attorney John Schmidtlein at a state conference held over the phone.

Judge Amit Mehta of the US District Court for the District of Columbia is hearing the case in which the Department of Justice accused the $ 1 trillion (roughly Rs. 74.25,200 crore) company in October illegally using its market power to hamper its rivals in the biggest challenge to the power and influence of big tech in decades.

Mehta, who indicated that he would not be surprised if the trial lasted for months, asked the Justice Department attorney if Google could quickly be given a list of companies that gave information to the government, how much information each gave, and copies of any documents. requested.

Justice Department Kenneth Dintzer made no promises, but added that what Google asked “is not unreasonable.”

Judge Mehta noted that Google would soon receive a list of 100 potential witnesses. “It seems that he is going to have a very good window on the government’s case,” he said.

Microsoft, Amazon And others who helped the government are to tell the court on Friday how they want their information treated.

Dintzer also noted that seven states investigating Google said in October that if they chose to sue, they would want to consolidate their case with the government’s. Dintzer said that statement was still relevant.

Google is expected to file a response to the government’s complaint before December 21.


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