Google search will start suggesting queries relevant to your previous searches

Google search will start suggesting queries relevant to your previous searches

Google Search is getting improvements based on language understanding to offer a conversational experience. This new experience will use the context of your recent search engine activity to suggest relevant queries that you were looking to ask next. The update will also allow Google to provide a more user-friendly experience for people who want to use their search to find something to explore, such as a movie to watch with the family. The Mountain View, California-based company will eventually be able to take advantage of ongoing changes to improve user retention on its search engine and make it more robust against the competition.

How outstanding in a blog post, Google did not transfer context from one query to another in the past. So for example, if you search for turkey recipes and then switch to a “craving” query, you will not receive any results related to your first search. Instead, Google would simply “use the most common interpretation” to deliver a traditional result that is not as personalized or relevant to what you want.

However, by using the language comprehension capabilities, Google will be able to determine what you are looking to learn after finding results on turkey recipes, and consequently provide you with a helpful suggestion at the top of the search results page. It will be available under the heading “Suggested based on your recent activity”.

Google search older (left) and newer (right) versions

The experience available through the update sounds similar to how Google Assistant allows users to ask follow-up questions. However, it will be aimed at a much wider audience than Google’s digital assistant uses.

New language comprehension capabilities also allow Google to identify what you want to search for when you explore a particular topic.

Let’s say you’re looking for a movie that the whole family can enjoy. As you search for family Christmas movies like The Polar Express and A Christmas Story, Google can detect you’re exploring related ideas and display a list of similar movies to help you more easily find the perfect choice. ” Google search Product manager Bobby Weber wrote in the blog post.

The list of similar movies will be available at the top of your search results to help you choose a title related to your previous searches.

In addition to providing suggestions based on previous queries, Google is improving its search engine by featuring “most relevant questions” in the “People ask too” list.

“Before introducing these features, if you had searched for ‘how to make a napkin fan,’ Google could have helped you uncover additional information by showing you similar questions like ‘How do you make a cone napkin? With contextual learning, Google can get even more relevant questions in the ‘People also ask’ section, such as ‘How do you make a turkey out of a cloth napkin?’ ”Weber said.

In the recent past, Google has introduced a list of changes to its search engine to offer an improved experience. Last month, the company announced that it “significantly” improved its deep neural network spelling algorithm to understand what users want to search for. even if they didn’t spell it correctly. Too improved core search algorithms and started allowing users to add their favorites movies and TV shows directly to a watchlist. Similarly, Google began indexing specific passages of web pages to begin displaying specific sections of web pages.


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