Google will allow users to disable smart features in Gmail, chat, Meet

Google will allow users to disable smart features in Gmail, chat, Meet

Gmail is about to get two new settings to disable data usage that help Google deliver smart features and personalization experiences. These new settings will allow you to disable smart features like auto-sorting emails into primary, social and promotions category, or smart compose while writing an email, and even summary cards that appear above emails. Users will also get the ability to disable personalization features like the Google Assistant to remind you of your next bill payment, or even travel by bundling your itineraries.

In their Blog, Google has confirmed that these two new settings will be activated in Gmail In the next weeks’. These new settings are to control whether your data in Gmail, Get together and chat can be used to provide “smart features” in these and other Google products. Disabling this setting will prevent Google from using your data to provide you with these personal experiences. These options can be enabled / disabled at any time in the Gmail settings.

If you choose not to allow smart features in Gmail, Chat, and Meet to use your data then you will not get automatic email categorization in Promotions, Social and Main inboxes, you will not be able to use smart compose while writing an email, You will also not see summary cards for purchases, travel reservations and package tracking, nor will there be any creation of calendar events from dates and other details in the emails.

Similarly, if you choose not to personalize other Google products with your Gmail, Chat, and Meet data, then Google Assistant will not be able to offer you invoice reminders, google maps will not offer restaurant reservations, and Google payment it will not show any loyalty cards or tickets.

Google explains on its blog: “Smart features are based on your data to save you time and provide you with a more useful experience. We want you to use them because you find value in using them, not because they are just there.” The tech giant says these new settings will be enabled for an individual Gmail user and even a Google Workspace administrator.


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