‘GTA on Indian Roads’: tweet that led Ather Energy to promise a video game

‘GTA on Indian Roads’: tweet that led Ather Energy to promise a video game

Ather Energy, an Indian electric scooter maker, said on Friday that, like Tesla’s Model S Plaid, they too could have had Cyberpunk 2077 on the dash if Indian roads had been a little better. Well, let us explain. Ather’s take on Twitter, perhaps in a lighter vein, came a day after Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, demonstrated that the new Model S Plaid could run Cyberpunk 2077 on its new matching infotainment system. with “the level of PlayStation5”. In reaction to this, Ather tweeted: “Tesla’s Model S Plaid can run Cyberpunk 2077 on the dash. We could have done the same, but you’re already playing GTA when you’re driving on Indian roads.”

The tweet gained traction, and soon many suggested what Ather could do on the “dash” of his scooter. “I’ve been asking for Netflix for centuries!” wrote one user, @thescreamingdad. And he was not disappointed. But, of course, we mean that the user received a response from the company.

“Strange things have happened before (and could even happen on the board in the future),” Ather replied to the query.
“Road Rash below,” @jhaverinator wrote, and the company soon responded with a query response of its own.

Another user, @a_RadicalMind, spoke about the economic aspect. “The real reason: Tesla can put 35,000 / – gaming hardware in a 1,00,00,000 / – car. But no one can put 35,000 / – hardware in a 1,85,000 / – scooter. That would be 20 percent of the scooter’s price. If Ather makes 20 lakh scooters, then the economy will work, “wrote the user.
Ather also had a funny answer ready for this user.

After these interactions and with several other users on Twitter, Ather, in the tweet after the original, said: “Since you guys really seem to like the idea of ​​Ather + racing games, if this gets 500 retweets then We will start developing this game. ”

At the time of writing, the tweet was still a long way from getting 500 retweets, but it has led to speculation that Ather might be seriously considering entering the video game market. It will be interesting to watch Ather for the next few days now that he’s almost committed to developing a video game.

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, Musk, during the demo, said that there has never been a car with the most advanced computer technology, “next-generation infotainment where this is literally on the level of a PlayStation 5.”.

“This is the actual performance of the PlayStation 5… yes, it can run Cyberpunk. It has a high frame rate. It will run at 60 fps with next-gen games, “according to a report by The Verge.


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