Here are the worst passwords of 2020

Here are the worst passwords of 2020

‘123456’ was the most used password in 2020 and has been breached more than 23 million times, according to an annual report by password manager NordPass. The password has reportedly been used by millions of people and takes less than a second to crack. The list reveals the 200 worst passwords of the year, details how many times they have been exposed, used and the time it would take to crack them. ‘123456789’ is in second place, while ‘picture1’ is in third place.

In 2015, a report A software company had revealed that ‘123456’ topped the list of worst passwords that year, followed by ‘password’. Five years later, not much has changed; ‘123456’ is still the most used password, the NordPass report revealed, and ‘password’ comes forth.

NordPass research confirms what we know: People use simple, easy-to-remember passwords because it’s convenient. The most memorable passwords are also the most vulnerable to being cracked, research shows.

The twenty most used passwords of 2020, in ascending ranges, are: ‘123456’, ‘123456789’, ‘picture1’, ‘password’, ‘12345678’, ‘111111’, ‘123123’, ‘12345’, ‘1234567890’, ‘senha’, ‘1234567’, ‘qwerty’, ‘abc123’, ‘Million2’, ‘000000’, ‘1234’, ‘iloveyou’, ‘aaron431’, ‘password1’ and ‘qqww1122’. Most of these take less than a second to break, according to the report.

Commonly used passwords were also revealed, according to categories. ‘aaron431’ was the most used name in passwords this year, with more than 90,000 users, while the chocolate was the most used food name with 21,409 users. More than 37,000 users had ‘pokemon’ in their passwords, making it the most used entertainment word. ‘iloveyou’ was ranked 17th on the list of commonly used passwords and 1st in the positive words category, with over a million users.

While ‘onedirection’ was ranked 184th on the list last year, NordPass said it did not make the list of most used passwords in 2020. Less than half of the passwords, 78 of them, were new on the most popular list. 2020. according to the report.


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