HeyMelody app lets you download updates for OnePlus and Oppo headphones

HeyMelody app lets you download updates for OnePlus and Oppo headphones

OnePlus has published the early access version of the HeyMelody app on Google Play. The app provides OTA update services for OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Z, and even for Oppo Enco W51 and Oppo Enco X headphones. Although this is the main purpose of the app, it also allows you to view the battery levels of the left and right earbuds. right separately, along with its charging case, after pairing the headphones. As HeyMelody is still in development, it is not available on all supported devices yet.

While the OnePlus Buds app can also be used to install firmware updates for OnePlus buds and OnePlus Buds Z, the HeyMelody app provides wider support and extends to Oppo headphones as well. Users on the community forum OnePlus had reported for the first time that it had seen the application on Google Play.

On top of that, the app also provides wider compatibility in terms of the phones it works on. While the OnePlus Buds app can only be installed on OnePlus devices older than OnePlus 6, The HeyMelody app can be used for older OnePlus devices as well as other Android smart phones. OnePlus had revealed last month it will launch a dedicated app that will allow users with non-OnePlus smartphones and more OnePlus The devices manage your true wireless stereo (TWS) headphones.

According to a report from XDA, HeyMelody is available to download for older OnePlus models like the OnePlus 3T, as well as phones like Redmi Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi A3, Realme 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy M31s.

When downloading the app, you can select a device to connect to from the following four: Oppo Enco X, Oppo Enco W51, OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Z.

How to use the HeyMelody app

To pair your headphones with the HeyMelody app, you need to activate Bluetooth on your phone. If you are using TWS earbuds, you need to put them inside the charging case, while if you use neckband earbuds, you need to separate the two earbuds. After that, press and hold your device’s pairing button, after making sure your headphones are turned on. The headphones should be 15cm from your phone while using the app.


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