How to Add Reels Back to Profile Grid after removing or posting

Instagram reels show up under the Reels tab and can be seen by anyone with a public account. But you can turn on the “Also share to feed” option when you share a reel so that it shows up on your Instagram profile grid along with other posts. Adding a reel video to your profile grid makes it easy for your followers to find your reels.

The Instagram app lets users hide a reel from their feed by giving them the option to “Remove from Profile Grid.” When you do this, the reel is taken off from your profile and placed under your reels.

But you can’t put a reel back on your profile grid if you take it off or forget to share it to your feed when you post.

In fact, older versions of Instagram did have the “Add to Profile Grid” option. Later, the company got rid of this feature, so now you can only add a reel while sharing. This is a big problem, and there’s not much you can do about it. You can, of course, download and repost the reel, but you will lose the reach and engagement that the reel may have had.

There is, however, a way to get a reel back on the profile grid after you have taken it off. Even if you didn’t add the reel to your feed in the first place, it still works. To get reels back on the profile grid, you have to download an old version of Instagram.

Now let’s look at how to put Instagram reels back on the profile grid after removing them or posting them.

How to show your reel on profile grid after removing

Step 1: Uninstall Latest Virson of instagram from your device.

Step 2: Now Download the oldest virson of instagram: Click on the link below to download the oldest virson and install it:

Download Oldest Instagram virson

Step 3: Open the new Instagram app you just downloaded and Login to your account.

Step 4: If you go to the tab for your profile, you won’t see the Reels tab yet. Don’t worry, just go to Recent Apps and close Instagram by force. When you open Instagram again, you should now see the Reels tab.

Step 5: Go to the reel tab from profile and Open the reel you want to add to your profile.

Step 6: Tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen and choose “Add to Profile Grid.”

All done. If you check, you’ll see that the reel is back where it was and not at the top of your profile feed. It’s one of the best answer for how to put reel back on profile grid after removing 2022


1. How to undo remove reels from the profile grid?

Simply follow the steps above to bring your removal reel to your profile grid. Yes, you can add the reel to the profile grid in the older version of Instagram.

2. How to put reel back on profile grid after removing on iPhone?

On iOS, sideloading apps is not possible, so there is no way to add a reel back to your feed.

If you really need to add them back, your best option is to borrow an Android phone from a friend rr family member and follow the steps mentioned above.

3. Why can’t I add reel back to the profile grid?

In the most recent versions of Instagram, the add to profile grid option was removed. You just need to install the oldest version of Instagram if you wish to add your reel to your profile grid once more after removing it.

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