How to apply for the PAN card online

A permanent account number or Pan card is an important document in India. You will need it to file income tax returns, to make payments greater than Rs. 50,000, and even to open a bank account. TO PAN The card is a valid proof of identity in India and can be issued to citizens of India (including minors), Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), and even foreign nationals. The application procedure varies for these categories of people, but if you are an Indian citizen and wondering how you can apply for the PAN card online, we will give you an answer in this guide.

These steps are for individuals only and not for other categories under which a PAN card can be issued, such as an association of persons, body of individuals, company, trust, limited liability company, firm, government, undivided Hindu family, artificial legal person or local authority.

Documents required to apply for a PAN card online

Indian citizens need three types of documents to apply for a PAN card. These are proof of identity, proof of age and proof of date of birth.

  1. Proof of identity documents (one of):
    • Identity card with a photograph of the voter
    • Ration card with a photograph of the applicant.
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Gun license
    • Aadhaar card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India
    • Identity card with photograph issued by the central or state government or a public sector company
    • Pensioner card with applicant’s photograph
    • Central government or ex-military health plan card Photo card of the contributory health plan
    • Original identity certificate signed by a Member of Parliament or Member of the Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councilor or an Official Official, as the case may be
    • Original bank certificate with branch letterhead (together with the name and seal of the issuing official) containing the duly accredited photograph and the applicant’s bank account number.
  2. Proof of address document (one of)
    • copy of the following documents no more than three months old
      • Electricity bill
      • Broadband connection bill or landline
      • water bill
      • Consumer gas connection card or gas bill.
    • account status
    • deposit account statement
    • credit card statement
    • copy of the post office card book with the applicant’s address
    • passport
    • spouse’s passport
    • voter identification card
    • Last order of property tax assessment
    • driver’s license
    • residence certificate issued by the government
    • Aadhaar card issued by the UIDAI
    • Accommodation assignment letter issued by the Central Government or the State Government of no more than three years
    • property registration document
    • certificate of residence signed by a member of parliament or member of the legislative assembly or city councilor or an official official
    • original employer certificate
  3. Proof of date of birth (one of):
    • Birth certificate issued by Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate by Registrar of Births and Deaths or Consulate of India as defined in clause (d) of subsection (1) of section 2 of the Citizenship Law of 1955 (57 of 1955)
    • pension payment order
    • marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Registry
    • registration certificate
    • passport
    • driver’s license
    • residence certificate issued by the government
    • Affidavit before a magistrate indicating the date of birth.

If you are looking to get a PAN card for any category other than an individual, the full list of valid documents for a PAN card is on the Income-tax department website.

How much does it cost to apply for a PAN card online?

For Indian citizens, applying for a new PAN card costs Rs. 116 (plus online payment fees or about 5 rupees). The fee is Rs. 1,020 for foreign nationals (with around 5 rupees as online payment charges).

How to apply for the PAN card online

Follow these steps to apply for a PAN card online in India:

  1. You can apply for a PAN card online through NSDL or UTITSL websites. Both have been authorized to issue PAN cards in India. For this tutorial, we will show you how to request a PAN card through the NSDL website.
  2. On the page linked in the previous step, you will see a form titled PAN application online. Below type of application Please select New PAN – Indian Citizen (Form 49A). If you are a foreigner, select New PAN – Foreign Citizen (Form 49AA).
  3. Select the PAN card category you need. For most people, this will be Individual.
  4. Now fill in your personal data such as name, date of birth, mobile number, etc., enter the captcha code and click on Send.
  5. You now have three options: authenticate through Aadhaar to avoid sending documents, scan documents and upload them by electronic signature, or physically send documents.

    PAN select PAN card

  6. We choose to authenticate through Aadhaar as all you need is an OTP and a payment. If you don’t want that option, the steps for the other two are similar, except for the part where you need to send documents.
  7. Enter all the details such as the Aadhaar number (optional) as requested on the screen, and click Next.
  8. This step requires you to enter your name, date of birth, address, etc. Do that and click Next.
  9. Now you will come to the banana peel which is the AO code (evaluator official code). This seems complicated but it is actually quite simple. Just select one of the four options at the top: Indian Citizens, NRI and Foreign Nationals, Defense Employees, or Government Category.
  10. Then low Choose code AO, select your state and area of ​​residence. Wait a few seconds and you will see a full list of AO codes in the box below. Scroll carefully and find the category that best suits you. There are different categories for companies, non-salaried people, government officials, private sector employees, etc. If you don’t know what category you fall into, contact a certified public accountant to find out. Click on the correct AO code and it will auto-fill in the form above. Click Next.
  11. Select the documents you have submitted as proof of age and residency from the drop-down menu, fill in the required details, and then click Send.

    Final PAN PAN

  12. You will now be redirected to the payment page and you can choose one of the many common online payment methods. The fee for PAN card applications for Indian citizens is Rs. 115.90 including all taxes. A small fee is added to this as online payment charges, so the total is around Rs. 120.
  13. Once you have paid, you will be asked to authenticate via Aadhaar OTP or send documents by electronic signature, or physically send the documents to NSDL. You will also receive an email acknowledgment from NSDL of your application and your PAN card will be mailed to you once the application has been processed. Please have the receipt number ready, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place or print it out.

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