How to change Snapchat username

You create a Snapchat account and pick a ridiculous username, create your follower count, and suddenly realize that you don’t like your username anymore. That brings you here: to try changing your Snapchat username. We hate to tell you this, but it’s not possible to change your Snapchat username. Snapchat claims this is for security reasons and that means you will have to create a new account to get a new username. Yes, all the hard work you put into building your Snapchat followers will have to be done again if you absolutely must have a new Snapchat username. However, you don’t have to delete your Snapchat account. If you do, your old username will be gone forever. You can simply create a new one and tell your followers to add it there. Here’s how to create a new Snapchat account.

  1. Download Snapchat on Android or iPhone.
  2. Touch the blue Register button.
  3. Fill in your personal details and tap Sign up and accept.
  4. Now enter your new Snapchat username.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

There you have it, the easiest way to change your Snapchat username. It’s not the most convenient way of doing things and we still think you should reconsider keeping your old Snapchat username. Unless you absolutely want to ditch your old account, it’s probably best to keep your Snapchat account as is.

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