How to Check IP Address in Windows 11

IP address stands for the internet protocol address. If you want to know your windows 11 IP address, continue reading this artical to check the IP address in Windows 11. When you connect your computer to the internet, it utilizes a series of numbers to connect to practically everything on the internet. It might be other computers, websites, or nearly anything else on the internet. An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifying number provided to your computer by your Internet Service Provider that may be altered upon request. Before we start, let’s talk about what is the internal IP address and external IP Address. 

What is an External IP Address?

When you use the internet, your external IP address is the address you display to the rest of the world. It’s shared among all of your local network’s devices. It’s also the IP address used by others to connect to your computer via the internet. It is also known as the WAN Address(wide area network).

What is an Internal IP Address?

Your local router or broadband modem assigns you an internal IP address. Many routers use dynamic DNS to assign IP addresses to devices on your local network, such as This address isn’t visible to the outside world and is only used on your house, school, or business’s local area network (LAN).

How to find the external IP Address?

Using a web browser to determine your external IP address is the simplest method. To find the External or wan address, go to in one of your preferred browsers, such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

check ip address

Of course, your IP address will differ from the one listed above.

Because every website sees your IP address every time you visit it, this strategy is secure to use. This website reflects that data back to you, which can assist with network issues.

Your external IP address can also be found in your router’s setup application, which is normally accessed via a web browser. You’ll need to study the manual for your specific router or modem to do so.

Find Your Local IP Address using Windows Settings.

In Windows 11, you can use a few different methods to get your local IP address. Using the Settings app is one of the simplest methods to do it. Follow the steps given below to find the ip address:

1. Go to windows settings by pressing “Windows + i“.

2. When it opens, go to the sidebar and select “Network & Internet.”

windows 11 settings

3. Near the top of the Network & Internet settings box, you’ll notice your primary internet connection displayed. Click the “Properties” button next to the network connection’s name.

windows 11 network property

4. Scroll down to the information area towards the bottom of your network connection properties page. Aside from “IPv4 Address,” you’ll notice your local IP address in IPv4 format (such as “”) and your IPv6 address directly above your IPv4 address.

windows 11 local ip settings

If you need to share this information with others later, simply click the “Copy” button next to the network information area, and it will be copied to your Windows Clipboard. Then share it with whatever you want.

How To Find Your IP Address Using the Command Prompt

You can also use the command prompt in Windows 11 to quickly find your local IP address. Follow the steps to find the ip address using the command prompt:

1. Go to the command prompt By right-clicking the Start button and selecting “Windows Terminal” from the menu.

check ip using cmd

2. When the command prompt or windows terminal opens, write ipconfig on a blank line and click on Enter.

ip config step 2

3. You’ll get a list of all the network adapters on your system after executing ipconfig. It also lists the Wi-Fi networks and Ethernet connections.

4. Look for a section named “Ethernet adapter Ethernet” or “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi” that has a lot of items underneath it. Under “IPv4 Address” or “Link-local IPv6 Address,” you’ll see your local IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

If you need to copy an IP address, select it with your mouse and copy it to the Clipboard with Ctrl+c. You can save or share it later by pasting it someplace else. Close the Windows Terminal window after you’re finished and you’re done. Best of luck!

I hope you understand how to check ip-address. If you have any questions related to this, then ask us in the comment.

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