How to Check Your iPhone Battery Status: Follow These Steps

Checking the status of the iPhone battery is vital as it allows you to understand if the built-in battery needs to be replaced. Poor battery condition means you would get fewer hours of use between charges on your iPhone. Apple introduced the native tool to check your iPhone battery status with iOS 11.3 in 2018. It is accessible on all iPhone models starting with iPhone 6. You can also find the same battery status tool on your iPad.
In this article, we detail the steps you need to take to verify your iPhone battery health.

How to check the battery status of your iPhone?

Before starting with the steps you need to follow to check the battery status of your iPhone, it is important to note that the battery status tool available from Apple normally provides information on two different areas: the maximum capacity of the battery available on your device and its full performance capabilities. While the maximum battery capacity provides a measure of the battery capacity relative to when it was new, the ultimate performance capacity is measured to highlight whether your iPhone battery currently supports normal maximum performance or if the functions of performance management are implemented to restrict the tip the Power.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Battery option. You can also search for the battery settings directly through the search bar in the settings menu by swiping up.
  3. Tap Battery Health.

Apple will also show important battery notifications if the iPhone’s battery health degrades significantly or if the system does not check for a new replacement battery.

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