How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

The portable document format or PDF is widely used all over the world. The best part of a PDF document is that, in general, the content it displays looks exactly the same regardless of the operating system or device you are using. However, making changes to a PDF file is not an easy task, so converting a PDF to a Word document can make it easy. There are a few methods by which you can convert PDF files into editable Word documents. In addition, we have also included methods that allow you to convert scanned PDF files to Word documents for free. To learn about these methods, read on.

How to convert PDF to Word

The first method we suggest allows you to convert PDF files to Word quickly without installing any applications. This method works on all devices, be it your computer or smartphone. With that said, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Once the site is loaded, click on the second option from the top that says, PDF to Word.
  3. After that, click Choose file > select PDF file from your computer> click Open.
  4. After charging is complete, press Turn into > wait for the file to finish the conversion> to download.
  5. That’s it, your editable Word document will now download to your computer. This process is similar on smartphones too.
  6. If you want to do this offline, you can also get the application for this on your computer. To download the Wondershare PDFelement application for Windows PC or Mac, click on here.
  7. After the page loads, click Free download to download.
  8. After downloading the file, install and open it.
  9. From the home screen of the application, click Open document > select PDF file from your computer> click Open.
  10. Once the file is uploaded, you simply need to export this PDF file into a Word document.

How to Convert Scanned PDF Files to Editable Word Documents

The above-mentioned method allows you to convert most PDF files to Word document. However, this method does not allow you to convert scanned PDF files to Word Docs for free. To do that, there is a different method. Follow these steps.

  1. Download and install Microsoft Word on your computer – Windows 10, Mac OS.
  2. Open Microsoft Word on your computer and upload the scanned PDF file. You will see that MS Word automatically converts the file to a Word document. Once the document is uploaded, you can easily edit it.
  3. After editing, you can simply save the document as a Word file on your computer.
  4. An alternative method involves using Google Docs to convert scanned PDF files to Word documents. To do so, visit on your computer. Make sure you are logged into your Google bill.
  5. Click New > then click Upload file > then select the scanned PDF from your computer storage> click Open. Your upload will start now.
  6. After the upload is complete, click Recent and select file just uploaded. You will need to open this file with Google Docs. To do that, click the file> click the three vertical dots icon next to the delete button> To open with > Google docs.
  7. Once the file has been uploaded to Google Docs, click Archive > to download > Microsoft Word. The file will now download as a Word document to your computer. Then you can open it later and edit it whenever you want.

By following these simple methods, you can now easily convert PDF files into editable Word documents. The best part is that these methods are absolutely free and get the job done.

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