How to delete a Reddit account using iPhone & Android mobile app and website

Before we talk about how to delete your Reddit account on the website and app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, let’s talk about what Reddit is and why it’s so popular.

Reddit is one of the most popular forum websites. It has more than 350 million users around the world who use both its desktop version and its mobile app. Reddit lets you search for or ask about any topic, and the subreddits on the site will give you the best and most accurate information about that topic.

It doesn’t matter if your question is about science, Android, politics, games, or Web shows. You will get the best answer possible based on what they know.

A lot of people think that Reddit is the best place to get the best answers to questions about a wide range of topics and share their own thoughts and answers. But some people don’t want to use Reddit anymore for whatever reason and want to know how to delete their account on the app or on their computer.

In this article, we’ll show you how to delete your Reddit account Using the Reddit website and the app for your iPhone and Android mobile. So stick around until the end.

How to delete a Reddit account on iPhone and Android Mobile App?

Before you delete your Reddit account, you should know that all of your posts, comments, and other information will be gone. When you delete your Reddit account, you will no longer be able to use it. So, let’s find out how to delete a Reddit account Using the app:

1. Launch the Reddit Mobile app on iPhone/android.

2. Click on the Profile icon from the top left corner.

3. Now, from the menu, click on Settings.

4. Scroll down and tap Help and FAQs.

5. A web page will open. Type “deactivate account” into the search box and click on Search.

6. Now, Click on “How do I deactivate my account? from the results of the search.

7. There will be a new page, Tap the link on the page that says “You can also click this link.”

8. Now, fill in your Reddit account’s login information and click the confirmation box.

9. Finally, click the button that says “Deactivate.”

How to Delete Reddit Account from Website?

Here’s how to delete your Reddit account from the Reddit website if you’re not using the Reddit mobile app:

1. Open Reddit Website.

2. To access your Reddit account, click login in the upper right corner and enter your login information.

3. After you’ve logged in, go to the top right corner and click on your profile name.

4. From the drop-down menu, select User Settings.

reddit delete account step 1

5. Click DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT in the User Settings.

reddit delete account step 2 (1)

6. It will now ask you to confirm your account by logging in with your username and password. Please do so, then check the box that says I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable, and click Deactivate.

reddit delete account step 3

7. Finally, confirm the operation by clicking Deactivate once more.

reddit delete account step 4

So, that’s it. Here’s how to delete your Reddit account from the website or the app. We hope this post was helpful. If you like our post, you may be interested in reading some of our other helpful articles, such as:

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