How to enable / disable Zoom audio notifications

Zoom has a popular audio notification feature that tells you when a participant joins or leaves a meeting. This is particularly useful when waiting for someone, but it can be not very pleasant when you are part of a meeting or large conference event. You constantly hear notifications as people come and go. The audio notification has a doorbell-like sound to give you the feeling that a real person rings the doorbell behind a real door. And just like your doorbell, there is a way to disable audio notifications for your virtual meeting rooms from Zoom.

The audio notification option in Zoom also comes with various customizations, such as choosing to play the sound for everyone or restricting it to hosts and co-hosts. There is also an option to request to record a user’s voice to use as a notification when someone joins by phone.

Enable Or disable Zoom audio notifications

Users on a Zoom call can easily toggle audio notifications based on their preference. This can be done before a call starts or even during the meeting. If you disable audio notifications, you will not receive an audio message every time a user leaves or joins a Zoom meeting. This function is important for users waiting for someone and are doing other tasks in the meantime. The audio melody serves as an alert that someone has entered Zoom’s call, especially useful when you’re not looking at the screen. Follow the steps below to enable/disable audio notifications in Zoom.

  1. If you are logged into your Zoom account from your web browser, click the Settings option in the left column. If you are in the Zoom app, click your profile icon > select Settings See more settings.
  2. Under Settings, click In the meeting (basic) in the left column and scroll down. Look for an option called ‘Audible notification when someone joins or leaves. Activate or deactivate this function according to your preferences.
  3. If you activate it, you can choose from three options. The former allows you to play the sound for everyone, the latter only for hosts and co-hosts, and the latter allows you to record a user’s voice as a notification, which is only for users joining by phone.

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