How to Enable Double Tap to Turn off on Samsung Galaxy One UI 3.0

The Samsung One UI 3.0 has a couple of new features. Of these, we found the double tap function to lock the screen to be interesting and useful as well. With the use of this new gesture, users can double tap on the blank area of ​​the home screen to turn off the screen and lock the device.

The best double tap to lock use is when the device’s power button is not working. In such case, you can use “double tap to wake up” to unlock the phone and “double tap to lock” to lock it. As well as this helps you maximize the life of the physical power key. The double tap to lock option is not enabled by default.

Do you notice that your screen Lock when you double tap the screen? Or maybe you would like to know how to quickly turn off the screen without pressing the side key? Just follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions on how to enable or disable Double tap to turn off the screen.

Steps to Enable Double Tap to Turn off on Samsung Galaxy One UI 3.0

Step 1: Go to your settings and click on the Advanced Features(Settings > Advanced Features).

Step 2: Click on Motions and gestures.

Step 3: You can see the option like Double tap to turn off screen If it’s off then click it to turn on.

I hope you like this double tap to unlock and double tap to lock option in Samsung One UI 3.0. Feel free to let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned as we explore more technology in future.

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