How to Hide Apps on iphone and iPad (ios 16)

You can’t entirely hide apps on Ios 16 as you can on an Android device, and this is almost certainly due to security concerns. You can take a few things to make an app harder to discover and remove it from your main home screen.

How to Hide Apps Using the App Library

If you have iOS 14, 15 or iOS 16, the App Library will be available on your iPhone. If you’re using an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or a comparable older model, you might not be available on your device. Here’s how to conceal apps in the iPhone App Library so you can keep them off your Home screen. Follow the steps hide app in ios devices like iPhones and Ipad.

1. Hold the app icon for a few seconds for the app you wish to hide.

Hide app in app librery step 1

2. A menu will appear. Click on the Remove App option.

Hide app in app librery step 2

3. A new menu will be displayed. Select Move to App Library.

Hide app in app librery step 3

This will make the app disappear from the iPhone and its display in App Library. You can always change your mind and put it back to your Home screen later because hidden apps are easy to discover in the App Library.

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Remove the app from Siri Suggestions and Search.

On your iPhone or iPad, Siri Suggestions are displayed on the Today screen and next to the Spotlight search box. If you use search to locate applications on a frequent basis (which you should—pull down on your home screen to show the search box), the app you wish to hide could be suggested sometimes, and it might also appear when you’re looking for other apps.

Siri will usually recommend an app if you use it regularly, and apple’s assistant will also pick up on the app’s behavior and offer recommendations in other apps. When you press the “Share” button in one app, you’ll frequently see a list of suggested locations that Siri has compiled based on your usage. Here’s how to use Settings to hide apps on the iPhone home screen.

1. Go to Settings.

hide app from search step 1

2. Click on Siri & Search.

hide app from search step 2

3. Select the app you wish to hide from the app area by scrolling down.

hide app from search step 3

4. Toggle off Show App in search and show content in search. When you’re done, the toggle should appear gray.

hide app from search step 4

The Settings app does not follow these criteria. A search field appears when you drag down the list of choices in the Settings app. You can rapidly alter your options by searching for functionality and installing apps. Any App you try to hide or omit from Settings will always show its search box.

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How to hide Apps from Smart Suggestions

Siri’s intelligence is used by Smart Suggestions to forecast and propose apps or shortcuts based on your usage statistics. However, you could get suggestions for applications you’d like not to use as much or apps you already have a separate widget set up for and don’t need to see in suggestions. Here’s how to stop Smart Suggestions from recommending apps to you:

1. On your iPhone Home screen, your Suggestions widget will appear as a standard cluster of app icons.

2. Hold down the icon for the app you want to remove out of Suggestions.

3. A menu will appear on the screen.  Click on Don’t Suggest “[app name].”

hide app from smart suggestions step 3

4. click on the option that says Don’t Suggest “[app name]”. The app will hide in 1 or 2 seconds.

hide app from smart suggestions step 4

You’ve just disabled Smart Suggestions for this app! Don’t worry. The app will still be on your phone; it will just no longer appear in your Smart Suggestions widget.

Questions related to Hide Apps on iPhone?

1. When you hide apps on your iPhone, where do they go?

Unless you delete an app completely from your iPhone, it will always be saved in the App Library on the right-most page of your iPhone Home screen. At the absolute least, this means you can either search the Application Library or use Spotlight Search to locate the lost app on your iPhone. So don’t worry if you use one of the various techniques in this post to hide applications on your iPhone. You’ll still be able to find them when you need them! When you utilize the hiding methods mentioned in each section, you’ll get more information about where apps are situated.

2. Can I Completely Hide an App on iPhone or iPad?

On iOS or iPadOS, Apple has never offered the option to hide an app. Delete is the only way to uninstall an app from your iPhone or iPad entirely. Tap and hold an app’s icon until a pop-up menu displays to remove it. 

We can hide an app without uninstalling it using a few strategies. These include deleting the app from Siri’s shortcuts and suggestions, deactivating features such as alerts, and hiding the icon in a folder out of sight.

3. Can I Hide Apps with a Jailbreak Tweak?

Installing modified firmware on your iOS device to get beyond Apple’s limitations is jailbreaking. Jailbreaking your phone is typically not a good idea since it exposes it to malware. It also compels you to use obsolete versions of iOS and voids any remaining warranties.

If you still want to jailbreak your iPhone after all of that, you’ll be able to access customizations and functionality that Apple will never introduce to iOS. One of them is the option to conceal applications with XB-Hide, a handy minor adjustment. It’s available for free download in the default Cydia repositories. According to the Cydia listing, the modification is presently compatible with jailbroken iOS 11 or 12 devices.

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