How to Highlight Text in Your Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and More Tips

Video editing can be a tricky space and as a video editor, I’m pretty sure you must have come across a time where you had to display certain screenshots in a video and highlight them as the presenter or host is reading.

Sometimes it is important for an editor to focus directly on some of the key phrases in a sentence that are sometimes lost in the presenter’s narration. So how do you make those parts stand out? Just highlighting them like we used to do during our school and college days. But please don’t doodle on your monitors, we have a better way to do it with Premiere Pro.

Create a mask around the sentence.

Make sure the sentence is in the middle of the frame for better visibility

  1. Use the rectangular tool to create a mask around your sentence. Make sure the mask covers the entire sentence.
  2. Now, head over to effect controls and open shape configurations.
  3. Here, open the fill tab and change the fill color. We recommend the color yellow, as it tends to capture most of the attention.
  4. Once done, you can now go under the opacity tab and change the blend mode from normal to multiply.
  5. This will highlight the sentence and also make it stand out from others.

Add animation to highlighted chart

The cropping tool will help you add animations to the chart.

  1. To go effects and search culture.
  2. Add the cultivation effect to the graphics layer you just created.
  3. Now go to effect controls and under the effect of cultivation, change the correct value up to 100.
  4. Now, press the stopwatch button which will create a keyframe.
  5. Go to the last frame of the video and now, change the correct value to 0.
  6. If you play the video, you can see that the highlighted effect gets a little animation.
  7. To smooth the animation, the right button of the mouse on the keyframes, and then select ease in.

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