How to increase smartphones battery life

Today I will guide you about how to increase smartphone battery life. The smartphone has become an important part of our life. You will also be a smartphone user, so many problems related to the smartphone are revealed when you use smartphones. One of those problems is related to the battery. Many smartphone users have this problem that the batteries of their smartphones are drain very soon. Today, I will tell you about what is the reason behind the drain/discharge of the smartphone’s battery, and also tell you about how to fix it.

Increase smartphones battery life

We can extend the battery backup of smartphones. Today, I will tell you ten reasons behind it and tell you how to fix it.


Many smartphone users use the brightness of their smartphone much more so that the smartphone’s battery starts discharging soon. Always use manual mode to control the brightness. The automatic mode problem is that whenever your smartphone’s sensor feels light, the brightness increases too much. If it happens so many times, the battery will be expired. It seems. So use it as much as possible in manual mode and keep the brightness level as low as possible.

2.Background Apps

We use many apps simultaneously on our smartphones. There are so many apps in the background which are not used for a long time, we should close such apps that run in the background, and we don’t need it.

3.Signal Strength

Many times we are at a place where signal strength is very rare. Due to a lack of signal strength, your battery getting more load. The smartphone is searching the network and put more loads on the battery. That’s why we should turn our smartphone into airplane mode at such a place.

4.Close data connection

Smartphones are a box without the internet, but we are often in a situation when we do not need the internet. At such times we should disconnect our smartphone’s data connection. So many apps use data connections. So when we need a data connection, then we have to on it.

5. Screen light timeout

All Smartphones have the option of screen light timeout. With this help, we can decide how long the screen lights of our smartphones will be on. The time of screen light should be minimized.


We should not use the Live Wallpaper on our smartphone. Live Wallpaper uses more battery, and we should use black colored wallpapers as much as possible because black color wallpaper is less battery usage than the bright color wallpaper.


We should keep auto-sync off on our smartphone. There are so many smartphone apps that auto-refresh after some time to download data in the background. The battery usage is high with auto-sync.

8.Sound & vibrate

When we use our smartphone, there are many such sounds and vibration that we do not need like vibrations of keyboard, notification vibration. Many such apps also have this feature. We should stop new sound vibration.

9.Update operating system

We should keep updating our smartphone because the old version OS has many bugs. The OS of the latest version gives a better performance than the previous one, and it also consumes less battery.

10.Power saving mode

Power saving mode is provided in all smartphones. In Power Saving mode, many extra features, the sound is turned off. Power Saving mode should be used for the increased smartphone battery backup.

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