How to install multiple applications at once on your Windows PC

The feeling of having a new PC is great. What’s not great is that you need to install all the essential applications before you can start using the computer for your work. Finding and downloading applications one at a time can be tedious and annoying. But what if we told you that there is a way to automate the entire process and install almost all the applications you need with just one click? In this guide, we tell you how to install multiple applications on Windows using three different services.

How to install multiple applications at once on Windows

Before we go ahead and share the list, you should know that there are a ton of services that allow you to batch install Windows applications. However, not all of them are easy to use. With that said, check out this software to install multiple apps at once on Windows.


Ninite is one of the best services that allows you to configure a PC from scratch. Follow these steps.

  1. To visit on your PC.
  2. Scroll down a bit to see the catalogue of apps on offer.
  3. The software list on Ninite has most of the apps anyone would need, but it may not have all of them. For example, if you use niche applications like the Vivaldi browser or conventional ones like Photoshop, these cannot be installed through Ninite at this time.
  4. tick the ones you would like to install.
  5. Scroll down and click Get your Ninite.
  6. A combined installer for all the applications you selected will now be downloaded to your computer. to run to install them all at once.

Patch my PC

Patch My PC is also a good alternative that allows you to download multiple applications at the same time on Windows. However, unlike Ninite that works directly through a website, you have to download Patch My PC on your computer. Follow these steps.

  1. to download Patch My PC Home Updater.
  2. Install Patch My PC on your computer and open that.
  3. Please select the applications you need. Once done, press the Install on pc button at the top to move on.
  4. Furthermore, Patch my PC also allows you to uninstall several programs at the same time. Just press the Uninstall button. Now press control and brand the applications you would like to uninstall in bulk. Click Uninstall to proceed.
  5. You can also install pending app updates by clicking Make updates.


Like Patch My PC, you will also need to download the exe file for RuckZuck. Follow these steps.

  1. To visit and under Downloads, click ruckzuck.exe To download it.
  2. Open Ruckzuck. The interface is quite simple. Press Install New Software. On the next page, you will find apps organized into categories.
  3. Open any category> choose multiple apps by pressing control and selecting them> once done, press Start installation and the applications will begin to download.
  4. That’s it, once your apps are downloaded, they are automatically installed on your computer.

Mass installation of essential applications saves a lot of time when setting up a new Windows PC. Do you know of any other way to quickly install multiple applications on Windows? Let us know through the comments.

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