How to make Youtube reaction videos?

Almost everyone watches videos, but only a few record how they feel about them. Reaction videos are videos like this where people record how they feel. To make reaction videos, people record themselves reacting to a video as it plays. The original video and the reaction video can then both be put on YouTube. People watch these videos because they like to see how people react to what they see.

But it is against the law to use the original video without the owner’s permission. If you want to use parts of the original video in a reaction video, you need the owner’s permission. This means that you can only use a certain number of videos to make reaction videos since it’s up to the person who made the video to let you.

How to Make YouTube Reaction Videos?

  • To make reaction videos on YouTube, you just need a camera, a microphone, some background music, and the original video to which you can react, along with a good video editing software
  • An easy-to-use and powerful YouTube video editor that can edit reaction video footage by cropping, rotating, merging, trimming, and adding subtitles and watermarks is indispensable to making a reaction video
  • You should be able to enhance the video quality, change the video format and compress the file size since a reaction video is a collage of the original video and your reaction
  • You should be able to share your video on all the social media platforms directly by adjusting the output format, resolution, quality, frame rate, etc. 
  • You should be able to add multiple reaction videos, pictures, and music to the original video to make your reaction video interesting
  • Add or disable audio tracks from the original video while making reaction videos
  • You can also add opening titles and end credits for your reaction video
  • You can use the picture in picture feature to make reaction videos
  • You can also create several reaction windows using the split-screen feature. Using the split-screen templates available in video editors you can play many videos simultaneously
  • You can even use a video editor to create a reaction video with ai portrait in order to blend the reaction video with the original video.

Since, in order to make reaction videos, a video editor is of utmost importance, we will be discussing video editors in detail.

How to Pick the Video Editor to Make YouTube Reaction Videos

People who have made a lot of videos will definitely want a video editor with a lot of features, while people who have never made videos before will want one with fewer bells and whistles and that is easier to use. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use the tips below to find the right video editor for you.

For Newbies

  • People who are new to video editing should start with a simpler version of a popular video editor that lets them create videos that look professional
  • It is possible to opt for a free trial and check out entry-level video editors
  • The interface should be straightforward and customizable so that you can bring the tools you use more often to the forefront 
  • A video creation wizard with a step-by-step tutorial and the choice of multiple editing modes is what the beginners look for
  • You should opt for less expensive video editing software if you are a beginner since the more expensive ones have more advanced features
  • YouTube video editors that allow you to update freely and regularly are sometimes the best
  • Some subscription-free software is also available for editing reaction videos for YouTube
  • The entry-level video editing software will not be as powerful as some of the advanced versions but it is well organized, so it is good for first-timers

So, for a beginner, the best video editor is a stripped-down version of a premium editor that gives you all the basic tools you need for video editing, has a simple interface, and costs a one-time fee instead of a monthly subscription.

For Professionals

  • Professionals prefer YouTube video editors with the following features: advanced filters, multichannel audio, noise reduction, advanced colour grading, face detection, audio effects, soundtrack, guided edits, keyframing controls, dynamic video masking, 360 VR editing, smart object tracking, new blend modes, and improved video masking. There are Multi-Camera features that let you see things from more than one angle at once, stock photos you can use in your videos, and features that let you add animation to your videos. There are also tools that let you change the shadows and highlights and compress your videos.
  • For professionals, the best software for editing videos is one that is full of powerful features and tools for working together in different ways.
  • You should always choose software for editing videos that is always being updated.
  • The best software is one that is used in the TV and movie industries because it can help you make professional-looking videos that will take your YouTube videos to the next level.
  • The best way to get the job done is to use a pro editor that can work with different file formats and help you edit together with a virtual screening room.
  • Professional video editors sync the audio and video automatically, so you can watch a clip while editing it.
  • It’s a plus if your software lets you change titles and graphics, lets you search and replace words, and lets you check for spelling mistakes.
  • If you want to make YouTube reaction videos on your phone, you can use apps that store your videos in the cloud so you can keep editing on your phone, laptop, or desktop.
  • Some of these apps let you balance the volume of your voice and music, add royalty-free sound effects and stock photos to your videos, and balance the volume of your voice and music.

Final Thoughts

Even though many people have made a lot of money with YouTube reaction videos, you should be aware that there is a chance you could get sued for copyright infringement. Most “reaction” videos use too much of the original video, while “review” videos are more about what you think about it. So, if you keep breaking copyright laws, it might not be a bad idea to pay more attention to reviews than to reactions.

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