How to mute mentions notifications on WhatsApp

Now, You can mute mentions notifications on whatsapp. WhatsApp has already provided an option to allow you to silence notifications for individual chats and group messages forever on its platform since October last year. However, that option is not helpful when someone mentions you in a group chat for which you have already muted notifications. You will continue to receive notifications if a user in the group replies to one of your previously sent messages or mentions you in the thread. Technically, this is not a flaw, but it could be not very pleasant if multiple members of a muted group mention or reply to your previous message.

However, you can mute such notifications by following a workaround such as initially reported by WABetaInfo.

Steps to mute WhatsApp Mentions Notifications

You can mute notifications for messages that mention you or respond to your existing message in a group for which you have already muted notifications in both Android and ios. It also works on WhatsApp Web or your desktop client. It would help if you muted notifications from individual users who mention you or reply to your previous message in the muted group. Follow the steps below to mute mentions notifications on whatsapp.

Step 1: go to WhatsApp for Android, iOS, or web.

Step 2: Select the WhatsApp group that bothers you despite being muted.

Step 3: Now, you need to tap on the group name and scroll down to find the person who mentions you often.

Step 4: Out of many options that appear, you need to select the Message option to open that particular person’s chat window.

Step 5: Tap on the person’s name, scroll down a bit to see the Mute Notification option and enable it to block notifications from that person in both personal and group chats.

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To mute notifications for an individual user, you need to go to their profile at WhatsApp and then tap the user’s name. After that, look for the Mute notifications option on Android or Be quiet on iOS. You can choose from three options: 8 hours a week, or always options to silence notifications.

This is useful when you can’t leave a WhatsApp group, but you don’t want to receive continuous notifications if someone mentions or replies to your message in that group.

WABetaInfo reports that the workaround would work even when WhatsApp enabled the report multi-device support. You could sync the rules for notifications across all your devices.

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