How to post Instagram stories without opening the app

Instagram users are often looking for an easy way to post stories on Instagram without having to open the app. This helps save time when posting your next post online. Instagram Stories has launched a few years ago and these posts are designed to disappear from your profile in 24 hours. While users practice moderation when posting photos and videos to their Feed, Stories are often much more crowded in comparison due to their disappearing nature.

There is a simple solution to publish Instagram stories without opening the main Instagram application. For this purpose, users will need to download threads from the Instagram application of Google Play Store or App Store. This application allows you to quickly post photos or videos to Instagram Stories without having to go to the main application.

Steps to post Instagram stories without opening the app

To start the process, users need to download Threads from the Instagram app, log in with their existing Instagram account, and finish the setup process. If you download the app on a device where the main Instagram app is not installed, you will have to manually add the login details. Follow the steps below to post an Instagram story without opening the main Instagram app.

  1. Once you log in, Threads will ask you to choose close friends that you want to share your Instagram story. If you’ve already created a Close Friends list, those same users will already be marked. You can add more users and then tap Done.

  2. You will also have to grant a large number of application permissions for the better functioning of the Threads from the Instagram application. Once the setup process is complete, you can add a photo or video to the Threads app by sliding up. Once the content is added, the same filters and editing tools are available as the main application. However, it should be noted that users cannot add music, polls, questions to their Stories through the Threads app.

  3. After editing, click on the main menu. up arrow button (up) appearing at the bottom of the page. Click on Your history > Share. You can also click Intimate friends list and then share it if you only want a few to see your story.

  4. This will automatically post your story to your Instagram without opening the app.

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