How to reverse a video on iPhone and iPad with and without Any App

It’s cool to reverse the videos nowadays. If you are using the iPhone and you need to reverse a video on iPhone or iPad. Here we listed the best methods to do it. This article listed two ways: reverse video using the third party App and reverse video without a third party App. Let’s see how to dit.

1. Using Third-Party Apps to reverse Videos on iPhone?

We All know that the iPhone doesn’t have inbuilt features to reverse a video, so here is the guide on how to change a video using a third-party app. The third-party app we are us in this method is Reverse Vid: Play It Backwards. It’s a free app you can use. You can use this app on both iPhones and iPad. Here are the steps to reverse a video on iPhone/iPad.

1. Go to Apple Store on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Click on search and type reverse video

3. In the search result, you see the app called Reverse Vid: Play It Backwards. Click on it and install the application on your iPhone.

reverse video : play it backwards

4. Now, open the app And select the video from the gallery you need to reverse. 

5. After the video selection, you can now adjust the playing speed. Also, while adjusting, you can preview the reverse video and then do the speed settings according to your need.

6. Finally, tap on OK and wait for few minutes till it completes.

7. Ater the processing, you see the save option there click on it.

That’s it; your video is now reversed. I hope you understand how to Reverse a video using a third-party App.

2. How to Reverse a Video on iPhone Without Using App?

If you do not want to install the third-party App for some reason, here is another method for you to reverse a video on iPhone and ios. Here is the website called Exgif that will help you to finish your work. Follow the steps given below to know how to reverse a video on iphone without an app.

1. Open your Safari browser and go to Ezgif.

reverse video without app

2. Click on Choose File and now select the video from your apple that you want the reverse.

3. Click on the Upload button.

4. Now, Processing will be starting for reversing. After a few minutes, the processing is finished, and your video is ready to download—Click on the download button and download the video.

I hope you understand both methods on How to reverse a video on iPhone and iPad. If you have any issues related to the article, then ask us in the comment section. We will try to solve it. 

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