How To Reverse Search a Video Using 4 Diffrent Methods

If you want to know the source of the video, then here is the best complete guide on How To Reverse Search a Video. You will get all the all information about the video you are going to search. Reverse Video Search is an important tool for journalists, photographers, content creators, etc. In this article, We will talk about both video and image reverse search.

If you have 1 min movie clip and don’t know which movie or web series is this, you can use video reverse search to find out. You can use it to check the video plagiarism.

How to do Reverse Video Search with Google

Google is the best tool for searching anything on it. You can reverse the video search by clicking a simple screenshot of the video. Let see how we can do it.

You can not put the entire video to search; yes, it is not possible. So what can we do? We have some simple tips and tricks to do it. Open the video on full screen, then click a screenshot of the video. We will use this screenshot for video reverse search.

How to do a Reverse Video Search on a PC

  1. Open any browser on your pc. you can use chrome or firefox 
  2. open Google Images.
  3. Click on the Camera icon located in the search bar.
  4. You will see the two options paste image URL and Upload an Image. Click on upload an image.
  5. Now click on choose file and upload the screenshot of the video that we talk about earlier.
  6. That’s it. Now you will see the image results and video results.
How to do a Reverse Video Search on a PC

Reverse Video searching on Android

  1. For an android device, you need a Google Lens app.
  2. Download App from the google play store and Open the app and tap on the Image icon left of the camera shutter
  3. Select the Screenshot photo of the Video that you want to reverse search
  4. That’s it. now you can see the related result along with videos and images.

Reverse searching on iOS

  1. If you are an Apple user, you need to download the Google app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the app, and you will see the google lens icon in the search bar. Click on the google lens icon.
  3. Now you will see the two options taking a picture and browse images. Select browse images and upload the photo that we took from the video.
  4. That’s it. Now you will see the results.

Reverse Video Search by using Berify for Better Result

Reverse Video Search by using Berify

We all know that google image searches will provide excellent results. But there is one limitation of it. It will give the results from the indexed pages on google. There are many other search engines, so if we need to find out the video from other search engines, we need to use berify. Berify has a search engine with its own algorithm. It is enough to find the results from other search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc. In this situation, we need to use berify for video reverse search.

Steps to use berify for video reverse search

  1. Open the Berify website. You need to create an account.
  2. It would be best if you chose the free plan. Make sure to sign in to use reverse image search on Berify.
  3. You will see the big search bar. Click on it. Choose an image from your computer.
  4.  After the process, you will see the result for your image.
  5. Berify will process the picture again, and you will see the results from the various search engines.

That’s it. This is how you will use berify to search your video.

Video Reverse Search using TinEye Image Search

Video Reverse Search using TinEye

TinEye Image search is an advanced-level image search engine. It has options like WineEngine, MobileEngine, and even MulticolorEngine. It will give you a result using the video snapshot as we did before.

Steps to use Tiny eye

  1. Open the Tiny eye website. 
  2. Near the search bar, you see the upload button. Click on it and upload your image snapshot that we will take from the Video.
  3. After the process, it will saw you the result.

The main thing about the tiny eye is. It will identify the modified images and cropped images, and by using the Video, the snapshot will give you the actual video result. It will provide you a fast and accurate result than others because of its self-hosted API. Tiny eye supports almost all the formats like .jpeg, .png, gifs, ETC.

Reverse Video Searching via Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the most popular image library. You can also reverse search videos and images using Shutterstock. It is a diffrent process from the others we used before. 

You can search for images taken from a video simply by typing in the image descriptions or uploading an image to do the reverse search. You can also search for images in a particular way, for example, by their orientation, the date they were first or last used, etc. It is the easiest to use the reverse search option of the four.


Now you know Video Reverse search is possible but with the help of Reverse image search. We all know that searching an entire video is impossible. If you may not get the perfect result using any of the methods; so, You need to try all ways to get proper results.

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