How to Send Money By Using WhatsApp Payment Feature

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WhatsApp Payment feature is finally live in India. Backed by Unified Payments Interface (UPI), It is available for both Android and iOS. With this, you will now be able to send and receive directly to your bank account (p2p). However, you will not be able to pay merchants as of now. To do so, you will have to add the shopkeeper as a contact and then follow the steps to send money as you will do for any other WhatsApp friend of yours. 

First, Update WhatsApp and get the latest version 2.18. Note that you will not get this feature just by updating the app. You would need someone who has already reached to message you. After that, relaunch WhatsApp and the feature will automatically show up. While the feature is available for both iOS and Android, note that it might take everyone to get it. 

WhatsApp Payments Setup

Go to settings and tap on “Payments.” Add your bank account by going to the “Add New Bank Account” tab. Note that the payments will work with only that mobile number, which is registered with your bank. Note, you will not have the option to add and link a new mobile number to your bank account through WhatsApp. 

After this, accept the terms and conditions and verify your mobile number. Furthermore, Once the WhatsApp UPI platform verifies your mobile number, the bank accounts list linked to that particular mobile number will automatically show up. Choose your preferred bank account to enter other debit card details to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA). The process is similar to activating the BHIM app. All central banks are supported. 

To send money to your friend or family. Here are the steps to send money.

Steps to use WhatsApp Payment feature 

Step 1: First, check that the WhatsApp Payments feature is activated to his/her WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp. If you use an Android phone, click the three dots on the app screen’s top right. In the pop-up that opens up, one of the options would be Payments. Click it. On the Payments screen, you will be prompted to link your bank account to WhatsApp. If you use an iPhone, the Settings option is at the bottom of the app. 

Step 3: Link your bank account. Click the ‘Add new account’ option on the Payments screen.

Step 4: Then, you see the Terms & Conditions page. Accept terms & conditions, 

Step 5: Then, they will ask you for a phone number for verification. Provide the number that is linked to your bank account. The confirmation will happen over SMS. 

Step 6: Once verified, WhatsApp will ask you the names of banks linked to UPI. Then choose the bank, you will get the details of the account linked to your phone number. For security purposes, the full account number will not be displayed. Typically, you would see the bank name and last four digits of your bank account said. If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, you will saw all of them. Choose the one you want to link to the app. 

Step 7: Next, verify your debit card details, using the last six digits of your debit card and its expiry date.

Step 8: After you verify your details, you will be prompted to set up a PIN for UPI, and your bank will send you a one-time password (OTP) to do this. The OTP for this is usually a six-digit number, which will reach you over an SMS. On the next page, enter your OTP and your new UPI PIN. You will have to create a four-digit UPI PIN. 

Step 9: After you create and confirm the PIN, you get a message that your UPI set-up is complete. You get a confirmation via SMS. Now, your Payment screen under the Settings option will display the bank details linked to the payment. You can then start sending and receiving money.

 Step 10:

  1. Go to the payment option.
  2. Enter the details of your friend or relative like AC number, full name, IFC number, etc..
  3. Enter the amount you need to transfer.
  4. Click on the Submit button.

That’s your Transaction is completed Successfully.

The feature works in a group chat as well, and you can choose a particular member in a group to send money. Don’t worry if you are unsure whether the other party has WhatsApp Payments Feature activated or not. The app will alert you to that. 

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