How to send voice messages in Twitter DM

Twitter is a popular social media platform for important conversations and announcements. Most businesses and individuals use Twitter to make announcements and share life updates, using its microblogging format. While Twitter allows you to have open conversation threads through tweets, it also offers a direct message (DM) feature to connect with people more privately. Twitter direct messages are often used to connect with business colleagues, share malicious memes with friends, or simply have private chats. Recently, Twitter also introduced the ability to send voice messages in DM.

Announced over a month ago, Twitter displayed the ability to send and receive voice messages in DM. This feature was initially introduced in few markets, India being one of them.

How to send voice messages in Twitter DM

If you are a user in India, Brazil or Japan, you should be able to send voice messages in direct messages easily. Twitter launched this feature in February and said it will be gradually available. It seems to only work on the mobile app version of Twitter and you won’t be able to send voice messages through the desktop site. Make sure to install Twitter from Google Play Store or App Store and register to start using the platform. In any case, follow the simple steps below to send Twitter DM voice messages.

  1. Open Twitter, click on the DM (about) in the lower right corner of the tab bar.

  2. Click on the New message that appears in the lower right corner.

  3. Search for a user you want to send a voice message to. You should be able to send a voice message to anyone on Twitter, regardless of whether you are following them or they are following you, as long as your DMs are kept open for communication.

  4. Click on the Voice recording that appears at the bottom, next to the text bar.

  5. Twitter should ask permission to record audio. After enabling permissions, start recording your voice message. Twitter allows about 140 seconds of recording per message.

  6. Once you have finished speaking, release the Voice recording button. An audio message should appear in the text bar. You can play it once to see how it sounds. If you don’t like it, a Cancel The option is also available to discard the recorded audio and reboot one more time.

  7. If the voice recording is ok, click the arrow icon next to the clip to send the voice message. You can also play it after you send it.

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