How To Transfer photos from android to iPhone

If you switch from an Android device to an iPhone and need to move your files and photos from the Android device to the iPhone without using a computer, don’t worry. Here is a full guide on how to Transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

We all know that we can use WhatsApp to send photos to each other, but the quality of photos sent through WhatsApp will be lower. So, you can use Bluetooth to send photos, but the process takes longer because different operating systems are used. Here are some ways to move photos from your Android phone to your iPhone without using a computer. These ways are faster than Bluetooth. We’ll look at both ways to transfer photos in this article.

Transfer photos from Android to iPhone using google photos

Google Photos is one of the best apps for sharing photos without lowering their quality when moving them from one device to another. So, we’ll use Google Photos to move photos from an Android phone to an iPhone. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand how it works.

Steps to transfer photos using google photos

1. Install the google photos app on your android device(Most android smartphones has it by default)

2. Sign in to your google account.

3. Click on profile picture the top right corner, and you will see the photos settings option down there. Click on it

Transfer android to iphone using google photos step 1

4. There are too many options in the setting, so you need to select back up and sync. 

Transfer android to iphone using google photos step 2

5. Turn the toggle for Back up and sync to the ON position. It will enable the photos sync and upload the photos from the android device to google photos.

Transfer android to iphone using google photos step 3

6. It takes some time to upload photos to google photos.

7. Now, open Google Photos on your iPhone device.

8. Login with your Google account that you used on an android device. Now go to Settings > Back up & sync enable it.

9. Once you have enabled the backup and sync option in Google Photos on your iPhone, your iPhone will start downloading the photos you uploaded from your Android device.

After the download is completed, you will locate your Android photos are now available on your iPhone.

How can I transfer photos from Android to iPhone without computer?

If you want the easiest way to move files, you should use the file transfer app to move your photos from your Android phone to your iPhone. But the app you’re going to use to transfer files should be in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We listed an app for Android and Apple devices called “Send Anywhere (File transfer)” It’s a very safe app. Its ratings can be seen in google playstore (4.8). Here are the steps to transferring your photos.

How to transfer photos from Android to Iphone using Send Anywhere App

  1. Download the app on both devices. Send anywhere for Android And Send anywhere for iPhone.
  2. Open the app on both devices.
  3. On your Android device, you will see the photos tab after the recent tab. Click on it 
  4. Select the photos you need to send to your iPhone. after selecting the photos. You see the send option appear in the down right corner and click on send.
  5. In the next tab, you will see the options like a 6-digit code, a QR code, and a Share Link option. At the bottom of the screen, you see the option search option for search nearby devices. Click on search
  6. After this, you will see the nearest device using the send anywhere app. Choose your iPhone device.
  7. You will see the notification on your iPhone device. Click on confirm. Your photos transfer successfully from Android to iPhone.

That’s it; your photos are transferred successfully. You can use other methods like share links, QR code to transfer photos.

How to Transfer Files (Photos and Videos) from Android to iPhone without Computer via Bluetooth?

All of the smartphones in the world have a feature like Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you send files from one device to another. Compared to other file transfer apps, it is slow. However, there is no other way to do it, so slow transfer is better. Here’s how to move photos from an Android to an iPhone.

Steps to transfer photos using Bluetooth

  1. Turn On the Bluetooth on both the devices and pair them to be easy to exchange data.
  2. Select the file that you want to transfer to the Android to iPhone via Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on the Share.
  4. You will see the soo many sharing options; find the Bluetooth and click on it.
  5.  Choose your iPhone device from the Available Devices to where you want to send the file. That’s it; you will receive the photos on your iPhone device.

Sending process will depend on the size of the images. Bluetooth transfer is slow; if your file size is large, it will take time to transfer.


How can I transfer pictures from Android to iPhone wirelessly?

Your Android phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. To access the aforementioned iPhone Wi-Fi file transfer URL, open the phone’s web browser. From there, you may access a variety of files and folders from the iPhone file manager on your Android smartphone.

What is the best way to transfer from Android to iPhone?

Install the Move To iOS app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone, then launch it. Click Continue on the Move from Android screen once you’re back on your iPhone. An iPhone’s display will show a 6- or 10-digit code. To start the transfer procedure, enter the code into your old Android phone when requested.

Can I AirDrop from Android to iPhone?

Yes, and AirDroid Personal is the tool you need. Its Nearby Share feature makes it easy to AirDrop from Android to iPhone with just one click.

How do I share files between iPhone and Android?(Other Ways)

  1. Use email.
  2. Use an app to share locally.
  3. Use an app to share semi-locally.
  4. Use an online storage service.
  5. Use an online file-transfer service.
  6. Use a wireless storage solution.
  7. Use a Mac.
  8. Use a personal private cloud.

Can I send photos from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a great way for both Android and iPhone devices to share photos and videos. This is because both Android and iOS devices have Bluetooth, which makes it very useful. Also, you don’t need to download a third-party app to send photos over Bluetooth.

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