How to turn off Auto Night Mode on iPhone Camera

The night mode function allows users to take better pictures in low light conditions. The Night Mode in the camera app is activated automatically when the camera app detects that there is insufficient light in the surroundings. The ability to turn off this function will not be available until iOS 14. If you’re using the most recent version of iOS, then you can turn off the Auto Night Mode feature on your iPhone’s camera.

You can turn off automatic night mode on your iPhone if you wish to take natural photographs with severe light exposure. Although users can temporarily disable Night Mode by tapping on the yellow symbol, Night Mode will reappear every time the Camera app is used. As I said before, there isn’t a way to turn this thing off until iOS 14. Following these instructions will allow you to turn off Auto Night Mode on your iPhone if your iPhone is running iOS 15 (iPhone 11 or newer).

How to Disable Auto Night Mode on iPhone

The feature-rich iOS 15 introduces a number of beneficial upgrades throughout the iPhone’s OS. One of the most notable additions is the option to turn off the automatic night mode in the iPhone’s camera app. iPhone users can simply disable the auto-night mode by going to the Camera app’s settings. Follow the steps down below.

1. Go to settings.

2. Find the Camera settings and click on it.

turn off your iPhone's auto-night mode step 1

3. Under the camera settings, click on the Preserve Settings option.

turn off your iPhone's auto-night mode step 2

4. Now, under the Preserver Settings of the camera app, change the Night Mode toggle to the on position.

turn off your iPhone's auto-night mode step 3

5. That’s it.

For those who want to shoot in Night Mode, you can do so by tapping on the white or grey-colored moon symbol. Swiping your finger over the screen adjusts the exposure time manually. All of these steps work on the iPhone 11 and newer devices.

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I hope you understand how to deactivate automatic night mode on your iPhone. If you face any error then ask us in the comment.

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