How to turn a video into a live photo on iPhone and Android

Live Photos, which move a little when you activate them, are an excellent feature or a waste of time, depending on who you ask. They aren’t as large as videos, but they aren’t as helpful as GIFs. So, what exactly are they good for? This article will tell you how to make a video into a Live Photo on both iPhone and Android.

One advantage is that Live Photos can be used as lock and home screen backgrounds on both iPhones and Android devices. This means you can use a moving image as your background, which is excellent for changing the appearance of your favourite devices.

How to turn a video into a live photo on iphone

If you want to try something different and convert a video into a Live Photo, you’ll need to look outside Apple’s pre-installed tools and locate a third-party application like IntoLive.

IntoLive is a free app that converts videos and GIFs into Live Photos, which you can use as a live wallpaper on your iPhone. Here’s how to make a video into a Live Photo with the use of this app:

1. Download and open the IntoLive App.

2. All of the files on your camera roll will be shown, categorised by kind (video, burst, etc.). Choose the video you want to make a Live Photo.

3. The page for video editing will appear. If your video is longer than the maximum length, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to select which portion you wish to transform into a Live Photo. You can also apply filters, modify the video’s speed, and more using the icons below that slider; but, certain functions will be locked behind the intoLive Pro barrier.

4. When you’re happy with the video, click on Make in from the top-right corner and choose how many times you want the Live Photo to repeat – no-repeat is the default and will typically be enough.

5. When it’s done, click on Save Live Photo.

How to turn video into a Live Photo on Android

Live Photos are known as “Live Wallpapers” on Android smartphones. They can only be used as backgrounds and cannot be seen in the Photos app or sent through text message.

Converting a video into the live photo in android is precisely as simple as it is on an iPhone. Follow the steps below: 

1. TurnLive – Live Wallpaper App is available on the Google Play Store. It’s free, but you can pay for premium features in the app. Download this App.

2. Launch TurnLive and accept the terms and conditions, then press the Live Photo symbol in the bottom-middle of the screen (it looks like three concentric circles).

3. Tap the Video to Live Wallpaper option on the new page. You’ll have to grant the app permission to access your camera and images.

4. All of the videos stored on your smartphone will be shown to you. Press the one you want to convert to a Live Photo, then click Done from the top-right corner. You can choose any video, but your Live Photo can only be five seconds long.

5.  The video will load, and you will be asked which frame of the video you want to use as a “cover.” Choose one and then press the Next button.

6. Select whatever section of the video you want to transform into a Live Photo using the slider in the middle of the page. This slider can be tricky – you may need to press many times to drag the selector’s borders, and if you want to shift it to a different portion of the movie, you’ll have to move both edges towards that spot gently.

7. You can also utilize the filters underneath that slider to change the appearance of the Live Photo or hit the lightning bolt symbol to speed up or slow it down.

8. When you’re finished, press Next in the top-right corner and choose how many times you want it to repeat. Any of the options here work.

9. You’ll be returned to the app’s home screen, where your new Live Photo will be processed. When it’s finished, you’ll be able to find it in the My Wallpapers section.

10. Click the download icon after you’ve selected your new Live Photo. You’ll be prompted to clear your existing wallpaper; hit Clear, then grant the app access to modify system settings, then return to the download icon and Clear again.

11. A blank screen with the title “DayTime LWP” will show. Set wallpaper, then select whether you want it to appear only on your home screen or on both your home and lock screens.

When you exit the app, your new Live Photo will be shown as the background wallpaper. 

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