How to unblock your self on WhatsApp

You can not see the profile of the person who blocked you. so today I am going to tell you about how to unblock your self on whatsApp.Today’s Youth Generation is using WhatsApp most commonly. Messenger App Whatsapp is the most used in the world. Millions of messages, videos, images are shared, chatting audio-video calls can be quickly done in the Free Group in WhatsApp. It remains the user’s first choice in the world. From time to time, WhatsApp gives users a new experience, many new options are being given to the user, but simultaneously it is also becoming a problem.

Just as you can easily message to anyone or make chats, that one mistake can make you in trouble. Many times the user makes such a mistake or sends wrong messages. Because of which the person in front blocking users on WhatsApp, after which you can’t chat with them on what’s App, no one can message to that person. 

Unblock yourself on whatsApp 

First of all, how do you know that you have been blocked? If you send any message after block, then you will not see the blue tick. Messages also will not be will not be able to show their profile picture, status, last seen, then understand that you have blocked.

Steps To unblock yourself on WhatsApp.

Note-To unblocks your self from WhatsApp, do not back up your WhatsApp or do not restore the chat on any message. Otherwise, you will not be unblocked. 

Step 1- Open the WhatsApp App. 

Step 2-Go to the Settings option. 

Step 3-Select the Delete My Account option in the account settings.

Step 4-Input your WhatsApp number, click Delete My Account.

Step 5- Uninstall WhatsApp From Your Phone Reboot your phone after uninstalling WhatsApp from your phone. 

Step 6- After the phone is restarted again, install the WhatsApp messenger also in your phone from the Play Store.and start with a new account.

It means the same number with a new account. The old account deleted means they block your old account. They never block your number they block your old account. To start with a new account.

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