How to unpair Apple Watch Using two diffrent methods

Apple watch is great gear from apple. It has tons of features, Sometimes its help to save people life. Today we will learn how to unpair an Apple watch. Every year Apple releases new watches with the upgraded features. If you buy the new Apple Watch and you want to remove your old watch from the device, then you are at the right place. Here we have the 2 methods that will help you. And we will tell you how to restore or erase your apple watch.

Unpair an apple watch is really easy, but you need to do it correctly if you don’t want to erase your data.

Unpairing your Apple Watch

Now, Let’s see how to unpair to do it. Here we listed the two best methods to unpair it. 

How to unpair Apple Watch with iPhone:

If you need to sell your apple watch and remove the activation lock, it is best to unpair your apple device. Here Are the Steps to unpair it.

1. Open Watch App on your iPhone.

2. If you are not in my watch tab, then click on it.


3. Click on All Watches That located in the top left cornor.

how-to-unpair-apple-watch-step 3

4. Click on the (i) icon beside the watch that you want to unpair.


5. Click on the Unpair Apple Watch

6. Click on the Unpair QPR’s Apple Watch.

7. It will ask for the apple id and password. Enter your Apple ID and Password. This will disable the activation lock.

It will take some time to process and creating the backup of your apple watch if you want to pair it in the future.

How to unpair Apple Watch without iPhone

If you don’t have access to your paired iPhone, then here is the method to unpair watch without iPhone. If you use this method, you cannot create a backup of your apple watch, and you have to face the problem with the activation lock. Here is the best way to unpair the apple watch and disable the activation lock. Follow the steps below:

Steps to unpair without iPhone

1. Unlock your apple watch and open settings.

2. Click on General.

3. You will find the option reset at the bottom.


4. click on Erase all Content and Settings.


5. Scroll down and click on Erase All options.


6. Enter your password and click on confirm.

It will help you to erase all your data and unpair your apple watch without using an iPhone. But you can not remove the activation lock. For removing the activation lock, you can follow the steps given below:

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How to Disable activation lock for the apple watch

When you use the first method for the unpair using the iPhone, you don’t need to worry about the activation lock. It will disable automatically. But if you use the second method, you need to perform the following steps to remove the activation lock.

Steps to Disable the Activation Lock:

  1. Open iCloud website  SignIn with your apple id.
  2. Tap on Find iPhone.
  3. Tap on All Devices.
  4. Click on the Apple Watch you want to disable the Activation Lock.
  5. Now tap on Erase Apple Watch.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Finally, click on the X icon next to your Apple Watch.

I hope you all understand how to unpair the apple watch with iPhone and without using iPhone. If you still have some problem with unpairing, then say us in a comment. We will try to solve it.

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